What I EAT in a DAY as a MODEL | Healthy Model Diet Plan DAY 6

What I EAT in a DAY as a MODEL | Healthy Model Diet Plan DAY 6

Hi Vanderfits and welcome to day 6 of our
Vanderfit 7 day model plan No: model diet plan, that is! We are already on day 6 which is crazy! After this just 1 more day to go in this challenge I hope
you guys are enjoying it and making and creating the dishes together with me So of course, like every single day We get started with the lemon and the hot water And then we move straight on to breakfast So for breakfast I have half of the container of this Alpro soya yogurt which
is vegan yogurt with blueberry flavor and then I also have a banana and some
coconut flakes which we all put together in this full look at the color of this
Alpro soya, so gorgeous and then this is what it looks like So delicious, can’t wait! And then after breakfast it is time for lunch So we will have a really small
lunch today because we will have a big dinner So it’s just some papaya with
some lime and then for dinner we’re actually eating a little bit earlier so
I prepared a lot for you guys Hope that you will love that We’re going to create
a pasta and we’re going to make it a little bit spicy, so I hope you guys like
that And these are the ingredients which are also listed down below as usual and
we’re going to get started with putting some of the spinach in a container You can also use the salad of yesterday if you still have some left because it’s
basically the same salad but in my household we ate it all so I decided to
make it over again Again for two people so you can use less if you’re just using
this on your own and then of course some olive oil to finish off this amazing
salad Ingredients listed down below And then we’re going to create our pasta So I have this can of pasta sauce which is just tomatoes and garlic, so super
natural and then I’m going to add some extra garlic of course and red chili
pepper and then to make it more spicy Some jalapeno pepper and then this is
the pasta that I made Not too much, because otherwise it’s just too heavy This is for two people About 100 grams, but I think I did like 75 grams today because I didn’t want that much And then you just sprinkle on some
parmesan and together with this salad that is the perfect meal And that was
our day already I hope you guys loved all the dishes that I created If you’re going to recreate anything use hashtag #Vanderfit like I say in every single
one of my videos, but it’s just so nice to see you guys’ recreations of what
I make It just warms my heart’s so please do
that and then I’ll see you tomorrow in the last final day of this challenge bye bye Stay Vanderfit!

26 thoughts on “What I EAT in a DAY as a MODEL | Healthy Model Diet Plan DAY 6

  1. Hey Sanne ! I have a suggestion for a workout : could you do a Martha Hunt inspired workout ? I have a scoliosis just like her and it’s hard for us to do « normal » workouts. It would be really helpful.
    Love xoxo ?

  2. Yesssss I have been waiting for this vid all day long ! The diet challenge is just as incredible as the workout one ! My abs are showing do you believe that ? Yayyy ! Also all your recipes are so delicious, especially the pastas you showed in your 2nd video if I remember well. Also I had a request… when you will have the time could you do like a long Romee Strijd full body workout please ? Because she is just oh so stunning ! Btw you are so pretty too omg ! Thank you for being so motivating and inspiring ! Love u ! ?

  3. I was wondering if you could do a video on how shorter people could be models. I'm 5'5", and I understand I'll never be a runway model but maybe something else. Thank you!

  4. I'm in love with your recipes but I don't recommend to watch them at 3am like me, that makes you feel super hungry hahah love you..

  5. Hi, Sanne I really love your videos. But eating only papaya for lunch is NOT healthy even though you may believe it works for you. A normal-sized lunch and dinner is a healthier option.
    Love you, take care.

  6. Hi, could you do a video on your workout outfits? I am also trying to work out more and want to get more gym/athleisure clothing 🙂

  7. Hey Sanne, I know you are sick of people commenting on your diet but the videos are up here and as someone who has studied nutrition I just want to say something. In no way am I telling you or agreeing with others that you have an eating disorder, because you clearly don't. I admire your drive and your healthy meals are inspirational and mostly very well rounded, although sometimes small. (If that's what you prefer then there's nothing wrong with that since it works for you.) Just one thing I noticed is you tend to skip out on carbs for breakfast and sometimes lunch too, which can be unhealthy. I'm not lecturing you but I just want to share what I know too okay ? even Victoria's secret models get their carbs in on each meal. You can look at Sara Sampaio, I just watched her morning routine video and she basically eats the same breakfast as you and even she has a bit of granola with it. Robin Holzken also shows she eats plenty protein and carbs. They are essential, even if you are having small portions. A plate with protein carbs and veg will always be more beneficial than a salad. It is very important especially at breakfast to have carbs. And everyone, especially people who work out need a good source of protein in their food, and of course it doesn't have to be from animals if that's not your thing. I'm sorry for going all nutrition on you because I really admire you ? I think that's the reason everyone is making those comments. For dinner you tend to use a lot of oil and very little protein. Its not about portion size, it's about content. Oil can be very dense in calories, you could be eating about 250+ calories of just olive oil and you probably don't know that because you don't count calories. Even if you just changed that to around 50 calories of oil, then you could easily add about 200 calories of granola or egg to your breakfast and you would still be eating the exact same amount of calories (your weight won't change but your body and muscles would improve!). The carbs/protein would be much healthier for you, provide you with energy and fullness, and enable you to workout much longer and repair your muscles! Sometime if you count your calories for just 1 week, then you can see where you are overeating or undereating. You may realise that a sauce you're using has 600+ calories in it which is equivalent to basically a dinner. Or you may realise that your breakfast and lunch only add up to about about 200 calories and that's not enough to fuel a busy person. Counting calories occasionally can be healthy for your diet because you can see exactly where you need to improve or cut back, you know? Anyways I'm sorry for the lecture, I just want to help. In no way do I know more about your diet than you, you eat differently everyday and I'm sure you know how to be healthy. I'm just making an observation and hopefully I taught you something you did not know. Please understand where I'm coming from ? I'm a skinny girl like you and people often comment that I'm not eating enough, but I know what I'm eating, especially since taking my course in nutrition. Nobody knows more than you what your body actually needs. I just wanted to give you the tips that I wasn't aware of before and that helped me change my body too. Love you Sanne, keep rocking and have a fab Christmas ?♥

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