everyone a happy it’s Friday today I
think I need to get a tripod from the film on my iPhone so I’m sorry this is
shaky I’m off to Pilates it is so cold if my hands are gonna freeze off because
it’s like not even 7:00 a.m. yet it’s still dark so I’m sorry but I’m not sure
you guys want to eat today so I have a short americano with the national milk
that’s because caffeine actually helps you burn fat while you work out so it’s
a great pre-workout and then I had half of a made both are X bar one whole one
is too much remove the core Pilates oh wait I was getting good sorry guys everyone and so I’m done Pilates and I
just got banana
um butter but I ask for less banana so I always do 1/4 banana and kale
spin it a little bit hey guys so sorry fat was a bit rushed and vlog this
morning but I am now shooting with my friend and we’re tying there’s like
taste test for Kelly’s if you guys live in the GTA you need to check out Kelly’s
bait shop hit it amazing I’m so proud of doing like a little story and like the
benefits of everything in between that so mind you it’ll be gone because it’s
on my story by the time this goes up channel but it’s fun so you should go
check out Kelly’s it’s gluten free vegan soy free free of all that kind of like
crappy stuff and just feel good sound for you so okay we’re gonna shoot
everyone so I’m back at home now I did stop at a poky shop to get some lunch
and they had this miso soup so I decided to try it out and the cup says you make
me so happy I thought that was adorable if you didn’t know miso soup is actually
really good for you it helps balance your gut bacteria so it helps with leaky
gut so if you’ve got issues it can be really good it’s packed with probiotics
so it’s really good like option to like have a soup to drink and this was really
yummy so if you haven’t tried miso soup I would try that out but I also got a
pokeball which I will show you so this is the pokeball I got a base of zucchini
noodles and then there’s raw tuna cucumber edamame a little bit some
purple cabbage the I’m no know what they’re called but they’re like the fish
eggs the seaweed I’m some watermelon radish and then I just got a couple of
the gluten-free sauce they had a couple of the different ones and then they also
had this winter special for these Szechuan edamame so I decided to try
them out soo burgers I had to eat sorry if I see him a little bit like
frazzled in this vlog I’m just a little bit stressed right now I do start 11
exams starting Monday and today’s Friday so a little bit stressed out my skin is
breaking out it’s it’s a tough time but you know what I wanted to vlog because
then you guys see that it’s not all like sunshine and rainbows I get stressed I
get overwhelmed and I’m trying to like pre film videos and get stuff ready to
go for when I have my exams it’s not going so well to get stuff pre done but
you know we’re gonna try our best and hopefully it’s good so I’m gonna eat
lunch and then I’m probably gonna have one of those Kelly’s treat so I’ll show
you which one that I pick out which they probably won’t last very long they’re
probably gone in a couple days but I’d rather have something like that that’s
like better for you and made with good things and then you won’t feel like crap
afterwards it should be good so I don’t know if I mentioned it before but all
their stuff is vegan plant-based gluten free egg free peanut free and all that
so I’m gonna try what I think is pumpkin spice doughnut um yeah you guys should
let me know if you enjoy these types of like more casual vlogs drinking my
remnant of a latte that I got in between getting the pokey place waiting for the
pokey place to open and shooting that stuff for Kelly’s she saw I just ate the
donut it was super yummy this is just an almond milk latte it’s in a jar because
I wanted to transport it from the coffee type place and didn’t want to hold it
because it’s so cold outside that holding a cup like my hands would freeze
so I put it in a mason jar and then like can put the mason jar in my purse I need
to get a bigger purse because the purse I have but barely holds everything but
on my Christmas list so you know hopefully Santa comes – what else do I
have to tell you i’ma show you guys some of like my things that I’m loving right
now cuz I feel like I miss favorite videos this will kind of be like what I
eat in a day and health things I’ve been loving I’m thinking that’s a good idea
hopefully you guys like it you guys can’t tell me because it’s gonna be up
already so hopefully that is the plan I have to go to school later hey guys so I
set up a little iPhone tripod to show you a couple of my favorites right now
so the first one is this bulletproof coconut charcoal you guys saw me talk
about this in a Whole Foods haul I’ve been really liking it or if you’re going
out to eat or just relieve gas and bloating in general when
you’re really stressed you’re more likely to get bloated and because I’m
super stressed that’s the thing my next one you can really kind of see it in the
frame is this holiday nog from Khalifa farms if you’re from Toronto or the GTA
the only place that has this is called Summer Hill Market in Summer Hill
otherwise if you live in the state I’m jolly that you can get this readily but
this one is really good it’s the best vegan
nog that I’ve tried and when I was little I used to love nog and this is
great even to make pancakes with to make waffles I believe I need egg nog
pancakes in a video last year so I’m gonna leave that down below but this one
is the best one that I’ve tried in the last favorite is actually ear
acupuncture so I don’t think you guys can see but I’ve used this if you follow
me on Instagram you’ve seen it before I’m going to try to do a close-up but I
can’t see if it’s in the frame but it’s little tack that’s inside my ear and
it’s in the point called Shen minh and this point basically it decreases
anxiety it helps with insomnia it helps with stress and it is night and day for
me when I have this in so I’m actually gonna switch this one out and put a new
one in this one’s been out for about in for about a week and it’s a small tack
it’s literally like a few millimeters inside your ear and you can press it
when you want some added like effect and it works through acupuncture um to
basically regulate all that kind of stuff so if you’re a person that gets
stressed anxious I would really look into acupuncture and getting a tack put
in I love acupuncture in general just getting it done but when you have a tack
in like this it allows the benefit to be had all week long which is great so I
would just look look hook up an acupuncturist in your area or Google
Shen men if you want to know more about it like shen man acupuncture or
acupressure boy those are few my favorites I was thinking about doing a
more natural skin care routine soon just because I’ve been switching more to a
natural skin care routine and I found a lot of good things apart from the fact
that I’m breaking out because I’m stressed right now it’s been going well
so I think I want to kind of do that to let me know that something you want to
see in 2018 what else just let me know kind of vlogs you guys would want to see
or what topics you want me to touch on because I don’t want
to peat myself but I don’t know what you want to hear about I was thinking about
doing lately I’ve kind of like I don’t know lost weight but kind of like toned
up so I was gonna do a video on like how I got leaner or how I like I don’t think
I actually physically lost weight because I gained a lot of muscle so
weights probably say the same has not gone up but um like more leaner cuz I
had to like go down and Jean sighs so if you guys want a video on that I will do
that because it’s like I don’t know the last like little bit of like you know
when you want to like tone up it’s like I worked really hard so if you guys want
to hear my tips for that I will do that um I think I have to get to school
yep I was just leaving like 10 minutes well technically this would be there all
morning but I had to shoot something so yeah I’m pretty much gonna study tonight
and I was gonna make cauliflower rice cauliflower chicken fried rice so you
guys are sticking around to see me make that me super casual but yeah I’m hoping
that this iPhone like iPhone X vlogging is turning out because I bought the
iPhone X that it could be really easy kind of vlog on the go now wouldn’t need
to carry two cameras but if it doesn’t I might have to bite the bullet and get
the g7x mark to but this bone was already like I bought it off contract so
is there any kind of expensive I’m hoping I’m hoping it looks good hey guys
so it’s a bit later now and as you can see I’m in my pajamas because as soon as
I get home from school I change into my pajamas but I’m making uh some tea and I
want to show you guys my favorite holiday team it’s this sugar cookie
sleigh ride you can find it at most grocery stores and it’s so good I like
to double up on the tea bag to make it strong and then I’m gonna add in a scoop
of my vital proteins collagen peptides it dissolves completely it has no taste
but it’s good for your gut your joints your hair your skin and your nails this
so I have a pan heating to about medium heat and I’m gonna be putting on some
avocado oil it’s great because it has a higher smoke point and if you use
something like olive oil its scorch and then you get free radicals which will
ultimately can cause cancer so I’ve also added in a little bit of garlic into the
mixture I’m going to stir that up until it gets nice and golden and then I’m
going to be adding in some frozen then I’m gonna add in my cauliflower
right and then I could use these garlic sauce easy you can throw in whatever
veggies you have so this is it all finished up I put it in my little
snowman bowl and I added in some green onions on the top as well as some chili
flakes and a little bit of leftover chicken you can do tofu I released just
my way of like throwing a bunch of leftovers like veggies and then whatever
kind of protein weird some cauliflower rice and you kind of have like an Asian
stir-fry it’s super yummy so I froze everything else and I’m going
to eat the gingerbread lemon that cupcake yeah that’s probably it for
today I’m drinking some flow water it’s alkalizing it’s really good for you I
still have some leftover tea and I’m just been studying so this is probably
going to be it


  1. HEY GUYS! thanks for watching ? as you guys see i am HUMAN, sometimes I eat cupcakes and donuts, but I like to make sure they are made with REAL ingredients 🙂 wishing you guys a WONDERFUL WEEK! ?

  2. Miso soup usually isn’t gluten free, though. 🙁 I definitely have found a place or two that made it gluten free, but most places don’t.

  3. Hey Liv, please keep doing these types of videos. I loved this So much and it helped me a lot with my meal prep for this week. How do you determine what you eat? Do you follow any specific macros or anything?

  4. PLEASE do a video one how to "lean out"! i need to gain weight, but i dont want that to come in the form of fat or body-builder muscles

  5. Would love to see a makeup routine and fav products! Your eating videos are some of my fav to watch, thank you for the hard work!!

  6. I really enjoyed this casual video! I would like to learn some of your tips on how you toned up! You look gorgeous! We're both watching the same youtubers! Good luck with finals, Liv!

  7. This was an awesome vlog! I would love to see the toning up vlog too. You’re very beautiful and your tips are so helpful so Thankyou 🙂

  8. I always love how informational your videos are and find them actually really healthy with low sugar, carbs etc. I totally understand trying to balance school and work am on the same boat? i tried the rx bar and it was hard to find as i live in canada as well and it was interesting. Mainly sucked in cuz the packaging. Keep the videos coming but also remember to take breaks too!!

  9. You should definitely make a what I eat in a day to lose weight video. A lot of videos other YouTubers put up like that are honestly filled with either really boring or unappealing recipes but your recipes are really great so I'm sure your video would actually inspire a lot of people (:

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