What I EAT In A Day | Plant Based | Weight Loss Advice

What I EAT In A Day | Plant Based | Weight Loss Advice

good afternoon guys today I’m going to
show you everything that I ate in a day plant based and I also want to thank coger and
simple truth for sponsoring today’s video good morning guys today we are
gonna go ahead and start the morning off with a delicious avocado toast oh my
goodness this was one of the best avocado toast I have ever made and a
juicy grapefruit I usually tend to start breakfast around 12 o’clock that’s a
little bit later in the day but what I do it first thing in the morning is I
have digestive tea is hot water and I really just take my time before I go
ahead and put things into my body I tend to do a little bit of intermittent
fasting just because I eat so late in the evening for the guacamole I’m gonna
just use an avocado and lime and a little bit of salt I’m gonna keep it
very very simple when simple truth and simple truth Organic reached out and
asked if he could partner on today’s video is so pumped because I’ve used
several of their products in the past some of them were new finds for me and I
ended up loving them and I was able to incorporate a bunch of their new product
lines in today’s meals so I’m excited to show you all of them and give you my
honest genuine feedback about my opinions and what I thought about their
line one of my big 2020 resolutions and goals was to be 90% plant-based however
there is still day is where I have cravings for meat or hamburgers and it’s
nice to have a plant-based option to fall back on especially something that
actually tastes good have you ever went to try a burger or a meat substitute and
you’re just like oh my gosh this is so nasty this is not that situation at all
this is so good so what I wanted to do to dress up my avocado toast is I use
their meatless grind it looks just like ground beef and it was amazing the way
it cooked up and when I put it on top of my avocado toast it was crunchy it was
salty it even tasted better than ground beef in my personal opinion simple truth
and simple truth organic their products are absolutely delicious they have high
quality plant-based items with ingredients that you can actually
understand and they are available only at Kroger stores so if you have a Kroger
near you you can go ahead and give these ago and I love them then we are moving
on into lunch for lunch I kept it really simple and I wanted to go ahead and make
a salad I grabbed everything that I could find in the fridge that looked
and I put it together I am adding hummus I’m adding grapefruit raspberries and
then I’m also using this simple truth emerged plant-based patties I want to
get one patty cook it up saute it extra crunchy and I’m using their plant-based
butter as well this stuff is so good it’s perfect for sauteing one thing that
was really impressive about some of the meatless lines like this was the first
time I had tried the patties before but it actually was crunchy it actually
cooked just like a patty wood and that was so impressive simple truth and
Kroger’s are making plant-based eating and food more enjoyable and so much more
accessible and it is very affordable that is one thing that’s so important to
me when it comes to meatless finds or when it comes to a meat alternative is
it can be really pricey and these ones are super affordable and they taste so
good so I went ahead and sauteed that with the butter I wanted it to be a
little bit darker and a little bit overdone and then I pop that right into
the salad and it ended up being perfect and then to top it off I added pine nuts
and plant-based ranch dressing mix it all together and it was so good and then around three o’clock I wanted
to go ahead and get a really heavy workout on but for some reason I just
wasn’t feeling my very best so I went ahead and just did like a little bit of
yoga and stood a few stretches to feel like I was moving my body and I got
something done for dinner we’re doing something a
little different I grabbed the plant-based butter and put it in the
skillet so that it could saute and then I added precooked lentils I had those
cooking before I begin filming and then I’m adding the simple truth oat milk to
the recipe after that I’m also using pre-made curry this stuff is amazing it
is coconut based it is so delicious and then I’m just gonna go ahead and pour
that onto the whole mixture and then for the next step I added an entire thing of
cauliflower to the food processor ground that up really really thin because I
didn’t really want the kids to know how much cauliflower we had in there this
ended up being one of my kids favorite dinners was our first time making it and
everybody asked for a seconds they told me that it was one of their favorite
dinners that we’ve had in a really long time and that was a huge win if you want
to try it simple truth and simple truth organic products go to a local Kroger
near you to give it a go now for a little Q&A I went on to Instagram and I
asked you guys it had any questions about like working out weight loss diets
anything like that and you guys loaded me up I got more responses than I had
imagined that I would so I’m gonna pick a couple here and there at random like
honestly they’re just on my phone and I’m just gonna like boom pick one okay
first question how much do you actually size per day I do not work out every day
I probably work out like two or three times a week and I’m super low-key chill
about it what is your guilty pleasure on a cheat day Lay’s potato chips how do
you get bloat down so for me like everybody has their own system that
works but for me it’s limiting salt sugar it’s like the number one thing
that blows me I don’t know why but like even if I were to have like a little
cookie a gluten free cookie people it’s made us really really quick the next
question is how many calories do you say you eat a day I do not count calories
I’ve tried it before I’ve tried macros I’ve tried being particularly with my
calories but honestly I’ve noticed that when I count calories it’s more
challenging for me is one more thing to think about it’s one more pressure to
add to my day a very intuitive eater I eat when I want
to eat I will say this I do think that you can get faster results if you track
those things and you’re really particular and on top of it I think you
can get faster results I’ve lost a good bit of weight but I did
it at a very slow gradual pace and I never limited myself to anything and I
never counted calories I wanted it to be in a very healthy headspace so it was
never like oh I could only have X Y & Z amount of calories or I could only do
this if I wanted a potato chip that day you better believe at the end of the day
I’m gonna have some potato chips and I ain’t gonna count them and then just
kind of what worked for me when do you work out morning or evening by the way
you’re so beautiful oh thank you I actually work out at 3 to 4 o’clock
those are my favorite times I’m not sure why when I work out in the morning I
feel like I don’t have any energy left to even do the day and then when I work
out at night time I just never get to it I’m so tired by night that I’m just like
ain’t nobody want to do that ain’t nobody want to workout at least that’s
my headspace everyone has a different perspective and what works for you but
for me 3 o’clock I don’t know what it is it’s
like before we make dinner it’s just an easy time for me I still have energy I
still have motivation it’s just 3 o’clock 3 to 4 is my favorite times how
much time per week do you work out and how long for each session I love you
Emily Thank You Emily I love you too usually I work out 2 to 3 times a week
and it’s usually just an hour workout I do clean my house throughout the day and
I try to move my body so I may only work out twice a week for two hours the whole
week but I’m moving my body constantly I’m cleaning or I’ll find excuses to
move my body like parking far away you know the things you’ve heard about
before or if I’m like I want to be like honey go get me a water instead I’ll be
like you know what I need to get that water because I could use a couple extra
steps today because then you’ve worked out yesterday today I mean so I’m not
super big workout person I love how workout working out makes me feel but I
don’t like work you know like my favorite activity
is sitting on the couch and eating potato chips at least I’m being honest
okay you gotta give me that you gotta give me the honesty card
someone’s question was how do you keep from crashing and I’m assuming you me
and like when you just you’ve eaten so clean for so many days and you’re just
like oh my gosh I have to eat my favorite foods I do that like I do that
I don’t want to come on here and pretend like I’m perfect and then I follow this
little plan and I can stay in this box know like I told you like I allow myself
cheap meals some that’s all you even have a cheat day yesterday we had a
full-blown cheat day and it was amazing I but when I’m done with the cheat day I
tell myself all right come on let’s get back on the horse do you and don’t put
so much pressure on yourself for the longest time I would crash diet crash
diet patch diet I mean it’s so many unhealthy choices the last weight really
really quick but at the end of the day that wasn’t the right way to do it
instead I should have been making much wiser choices and then I could learn how
to be a healthier person in general and I feel like that’s what I’m doing right
now I’m taking my good old time I’m not worried about what people think of my
body I’m and I think the best part about it it’s been like I’m loving my body
more than I ever have in my entire life I am so confident in my own skin I love
the way that my body looks more than ever and this is it I still don’t fit in
my jeans I don’t have a flat tummy with ABS peering through like it was you know
before I had onyx but that doesn’t matter it doesn’t
matter to me like I’m learning something that’s even more important just about
like true self-love and if my body is saying girl I have really need a crash
instead of being strict and saying no I’m just gonna go to bed still hungry
and know I’m gonna have something like my body is telling me that it is
starving right now for a chocolate chip cookie we’re gonna have a chocolate ich
so that’s kind of how I operate everyone has their own system that works for me I
promise this advice is just like this I don’t want to be giving advice out
kind of want to be talking about like what works for me there is so many
healthy amazing role models on YouTube that are killing it
and they have some of the best advice and like they’re doing awesome but this
is just kind of what works for me and I’m one of those people that like I want
to do slow and steady I’ve tried the fast and quick thing and at the end of
the day it put me in a very like crashdïet
ad space I don’t feel like that was good so I’m much much more prefer like this
is slower and steady peace and I think that like loving yourself is so
important when you truly love yourself when you’re going to like make a food
choice you’re like I’m gonna eat this salad I’m gonna add a little bit of
extra kale I’m gonna even add you know alfalfa sprouts or I’m gonna add
something that I really really don’t like just because I love myself and I
want to give myself a little bit more fuel and help myself out a little bit
more one of my viewers said I’m trying to limit my carbs and calories however
during the day I’ve become very tired so one thing that I do like I said I’m very
intuitive when it comes to eating and I kind of just do what I feel like my body
needs but let’s say for the for three days in a row I’m just kind of following
my body eating salads even very very healthy similar to what you saw me eat
earlier in this video is pretty much how I eat every single day there’s a salad
and every one of my meals but let’s say the next couple days I started to feel
really tired I know that I’m gonna have to start changing that diet just because
whatever I’m giving myself is just not enough and I’m not the holy grail of
workout I’m not the holy grail of weight loss or advice but I did want to share
what was working for me and my body is to some people may look at my body and
say girl hmm and some people may say I think you’re doing a really good job to
me it doesn’t matter about what other people think it’s about just being the
best version of yourself being the healthiest version of yourself
being happy inside and outside having a really good mental health perspective
when you do all of these things so that you don’t get lost and caught up in like
a number game or get in this unhealthy place my main goal is just to have this
come from hell and do make this as healthy of a process
as I can possibly do that so like I said those are my tips and
advice if you have any more questions let me know in the comments below but I
love you and I hope you have an absolutely amazing day and thank you
again Kroger’s and simple truth for sponsoring today’s video I love you guys
and I hope you have an amazing day bye guys

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    With my diet eating vegetables, fruits and real meat I don't need to get vitamins which are not precisely natural as you think!

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