WHAT I EAT IN A DAY (VEGAN) ‣‣ Easy 10-minute Recipes

WHAT I EAT IN A DAY (VEGAN) ‣‣ Easy 10-minute Recipes

(upbeat music) – Hi, everyone, welcome
back to my channel. If you’re new here, my name is Alyssa. Today we are doing another
What I Eat in a Day video, and this time we are focusing
on quick and easy meals. So all of these recipes are things that probably take about
10 minutes to make. One of them requires a little bit of prep time ahead of
time, but all so easy. Everything is pretty meal prep-friendly, and I think you guys are really
gonna enjoy these recipes. I’m also excited to tell you that today’s video is
brought to you in partnership with my friends at Four Sigmatic. You know I love partnering with them. And today we’re gonna be using
a few of their new products that are new to me at least in a few of the different recipes. So they have a coffee drink
that I’m really excited about, and they also have a vegan protein powder which is really delicious. It has mushrooms, and it has 18 grams of
protein per serving. So Four Sigmatic is a
company that is dedicated to spreading the love
of medicinal mushrooms. They add medicinal mushrooms
into all of their products. And what I love about them is
that they are all super easy to take with you on-the-go. So they come in these
little sachet packets, little packets that you
can just add into water as you’re on-the-go,
and you get a whole host of not only the benefits
of medicinal mushrooms, but also other superfood
powders and things like that. It’s amazing. So if you guys wanna try
Four Sigmatic for yourself, I do have a coupon code, as I always do. So you can click the link that is in the description box below, and that will get you 15%
off your first purchase. Like I said, I love their products, and I will link my favorites down in the description box below. And I’m also gonna be
adding the two new products that we’re trying today because
I know I’m gonna like them. So let’s go ahead and
dive in to today’s video. So I was headed to yoga and I didn’t wanna make my
full matcha before yoga. I just wanted something light, so I made this coffee
latte from Four Sigmatic. It has maitake and chaga. And essentially I was
making an iced coffee. I just added this little packet into my Four Sigmatic to-go cup. I topped it with a
little bit of sweetener, some almond milk, and some cold water. And give it a quick shake until everything was combined and creamy. Now, you guys know I don’t
normally drink coffee, but I really actually do like the Four Sigmatic coffee packets because they’re a little less caffeine than a traditional cup of coffee. One packet has about 50
milligrams of caffeine, which is less than your standard coffee. And they don’t make me jittery, and I just like it as a pre-workout. I also had a little snack. I had 1/2 of a protein bar. This is my favorite brand of protein bars. And it was the perfect
pre-workout little mixture. (upbeat music) So I am headed to yoga, and I wanted to show you the breakfast that I’m gonna make before I go. We are gonna make some overnight oats, so I have some quick-cooking oats here. I’m gonna add some of the
Four Sigmatic vegan protein, which is really delicious. It has mushrooms in it, of course, but it also has 18 grams
of protein per scoop. So we’re gonna do oats. We’re gonna do protein. We’re gonna do some raw cacao
powder for chocolate, duh. We’re gonna do some
chia seeds, almond milk, and a little bit of maple syrup. So I didn’t measure a thing, but essentially it was probably
1/3 of a cup of quick oats, maybe a tablespoon and 1/2 of chia, one scoop of the Four Sigmatic
Superfood Protein Powder, about tablespoons, I would
guess, of raw cacao powder, maybe a tablespoon of maple syrup, and then probably 1/2 a cup. (laughs) I was gonna say a full cup, but probably about 1/2
a cup of almond milk. And I just kept adding it until I was getting the right consistency. And I just stirred
everything right in this jar. And the consistency
that you’re looking for is kind of like a thinner chia pudding, almost a pancake batter consistency, ’cause it will thicken
up as it’s in the fridge. So I’m just gonna let this
sit while I go to yoga. I’ll pop the lid on,
throw it in the fridge, and it should be even
thicker when I get back. And then we’ll do some
yummy toppings on top. All right, back from yoga, and
it’s time to make breakfast. I’m gonna pull the overnight
oats out of the fridge and top it with peanut butter, duh. Chocolate and peanut butter
is my favorite combo ever. And I’m also gonna be making my matcha. You guys already know
how to make my matcha, but I’ll show you anyway, even though I’ve made it
a hundred million times for you before, but either way, I know you guys like seeing it. So let’s do it. All right, so I just pulled this out. I gave it a quick stir. It is nice and thick. So we are going to put this into a bowl, top it with some peanut butter and maybe a few other
fixings, and call it a meal. Honestly, this took me
(laughs) like five minutes to put together. The waiting is the longest part. So I just added everything into my bowl and topped it with my peanut butter swirl. (upbeat music) So I did a little peanut butter spiral, and then I’m just gonna
do little cacao nibs and a little coconut. And that’s breakfast. And then for my matcha, I did my standard matcha
powder, about 1/2 a teaspoon, sweetened it with my monk fruit extract, added in my pumpkin pie spice, did a little bit of tocos powder, and then some coconut butter. And I usually have the Four
Sigmatic Lion’s Mane with me. Didn’t have it, usually add that. But if I did, I would’ve
(laughs) added that in there, but I ran out. And then I add in my hot water, blend it up in my blender until everything is smooth and creamy. You know I like that foam. And pour it into my mug,
and that is my morning meal. (upbeat music) Working on some photo editing, and I can’t wait to dig into this. Oh my God, does that not look amazing? So I will put this recipe down in the description box for you guys so you can make it at home, but can’t recommend it enough. You know I love my peanut
butter and chocolate combo, but this is a good little change up from my morning smoothies. All right, so since this video is all about quick and easy meals, what I am doing today
for lunch is probably one of the easiest things to do ever, and that is make a salad. I meal prepped some
stuff over the weekend, and that’s great about veggies is that they’re gonna last me all week long. So I have a combination
of cooked vegetables, I have my greens, I have my raw veggies, and then I’m doing my smoky
tempeh croutons as my protein. I will link those down in
the description box for you. I have shared them on
this channel already. So salads are just one of
those things that are so easy. I actually, if you’re
gonna meal prep them, I like to keep them all
in individual containers, all the ingredients, and then
put everything together day of and keep the dressing on the side until I’m going to be ready to eat it. So that just helps from keeping things from getting too soggy. Other option is to put it in a Mason jar. So let’s go ahead and make my lunch because I am hungry. So first of all, whenever
I’m making lunch or dinner, I always snack. So I have some crackers and some vegan cheese spread right here. But over here are all of my salad fixings. Okay, so here’s what I have fixed up. So I have my greens here. I have some thinly-sliced radishes. I have some steamed broccoli that I tossed with onion
powder and pepper flakes. Here I have some roasted sweet potatoes. Here I have my smoky tempeh croutons, which I will link down below for you. And this is some leftover salad
from last night that I just, it was just too much greens. So I’m gonna start by putting
this and this into my bowl. Once I added all the greens in there, I just added about 1/2 a cup of radishes, and then I added all of the broccoli, which is probably, I
don’t know, a cup or so, all of the sweet potatoes,
which is probably 1/2 a cup, and about 1/2 of the tempeh croutons. So here is the salad. I haven’t tossed it yet, but that is a totally balanced lunch. I love to do a blend of cooked
and non-cooked vegetables, so cooked and raw vegetables in my salads because it’s just a lot of raw vegetables can sometimes make me
feel a little bit bloated. So I’ve got my protein,
I’ve got my complex carbs, I’ve got greens, I’ve got
broccoli, all that good stuff. Then I also have some leftovers that I can have for tomorrow’s salad. So salad is a really
easy thing to meal prep. For my dressing, I just
made a big batch of dressing in the beginning of the week. And this is lemon, white
wine vinegar, mustard, a little bit of maple
syrup, shallot, garlic, salt, pepper, mustard. Did I say that? Just shaken up in this jar. I keep this in the fridge, and it will last me at least two weeks. And for my healthy fats, I’m going to throw on
some olives at the end. So let’s toss this baby together, and I’ll show you the final product. Added on my olives. Drizzled on that shallot
dressing that I made. And just used my salad tongs
to toss everything together until it was all incorporated. (upbeat music) So easy, so delicious,
and actually so healthy. I love raw radishes, mm! Oh, and then also for dessert,
I had some pumpkin bread, which is going to be
coming later this fall. This is so, so yummy. So I just have to give you
another glimpse of the salad ’cause it’s so good. But here is everything inside. You guys, I feel like salads are just one of those great lunches that
you can pack in a ton of stuff, make them really healthy,
make them really vibrant. You could do all of this the week before and change it up every day so it doesn’t feel like
you’re eating the same thing. Rotate with your greens. And it’s just so delicious. You’re balanced very
precariously right there. Okay, so it’s dinner, and I’m home alone, so that means I’m going to
make something that is so easy. I make this all of the
time when I’m by myself because I honestly don’t feel like cooking and I want meals that are
ready in like 25 seconds. So this one probably
takes about five minutes. It’s my tostadas. I’m saying “my” like I created it. They’re just regular tostadas, which essentially is just crispy tortillas that I toast in my toaster oven, and then I top it with
whatever I have in my fridge. So right now I have refried
beans, which are vegetarian, I think also vegan. I have guacamole. I have salsa. I have sprouts, which
I’ll probably put on. And then maybe I’ll do
a drizzle of some sort. And I’ll probably also do a side salad, using the same dressing
that I had for lunch ’cause that’s what’s in my fridge. And this meal honestly
takes like five minutes. It’s so easy, so good,
and really delicious. So yeah, let’s make it. So this is literally gonna
be the easiest meal ever. I have all of my ingredients right here. And what I’m gonna do is
toast up two flour tortillas. These are cassava flour. They’re gluten-free, also grain-free. You could use any kind of
tortilla that you want. So I’ll toast these up in my toaster oven. And then I’m going to layer on some vegetarian refried beans. I love these ones. They’re light in sodium. They taste so good. And then I have some leftovers here. I’ll use some salsa, as well as some guac that I have from Whole Foods. I’m gonna add on some sprouts. And then I’m probably gonna
make a little queso sauce out of this and call it a day. First things first,
we’re gonna just take two of these tortillas. Again, you can use any
tortillas that you want. Pop them in the toaster oven. You could also just do this in a pan or over an open flame if you have one, like grill or your gas burner. Just be careful they don’t burn. (laughs) And then toast them up until
they are nice and crispy. I also snacked on some
of these Red Hot Blues as I was cooking. Like I said, I’m a snacker while I cook, which maybe isn’t the best, but it’s delicious, so what can you do? I also made my little side salad, which I just used arugula
and that shallot dressing. (upbeat music) So I have both tortillas
here nice and toasted up, and now I’m going to top them with this amazing refried bean mixture. So essentially you’re just going to add the refried beans directly
onto the crispy tortillas and then just use your spoon
to kind of spread them around like you would hummus on
top of a piece of bread. Spread it out until it’s an even layer all across the tortilla. And then I topped it with some guacamole, spread that out on top. And then I topped it with
some of the fresh salsa that I got from Whole Foods, and I used some pea shoots and sprouts from my little sprout container and finished it with a cheese sauce. So the cheese I’m using is that vegan cheese I showed you earlier that I was snacking on at lunch. Added about a tablespoon of that in there, topped it with water, and just used a whisk
to whisk it all together until it turned into a cheesy drizzle. I would prefer to use a queso, but I just didn’t really
feel like making it, so this was my solution,
and it was nice and creamy and it gave me a little tang at the end, which I really liked,
kind of like a sour cream. Drizzled that on top of the
tostadas, and that was dinner. It might seem really simple,
but it’s absolutely delicious. I think it’s almost better than tacos. You eat them a little bit more slowly, and they’re really filling. So delicious. It’s like eating a piece of pizza, but taco-inspired, I guess. Really, really recommend. And of course, a little
cutie was right by my feet as I was cooking. She is just the cutest little thing. (upbeat music) And there you have it, my friends. I hope you enjoyed our What
I Eat in a Day video today. If you have any questions for me, make sure to drop them
down in the comments. I also of course wanna thank Four Sigmatic for joining us in today’s video. They’re an amazing partner, and their products are top-notch, so I can’t recommend them enough. Like I said, in the beginning, I have a special coupon code which is linked right below this video. You can just click that link, and it will be applied at checkout. It’s 15% off. And I also have included my
favorite products of theirs, so if you’re looking for things to order or you’re just like, “What should I get?”, you can find my faves down in the description box below as well. I’ve also included any links to stuff that I mentioned in today’s
video, like the croutons, and there might have been a few
other things that I’ll link. So check the description box, because there’s all the
information that you need. Otherwise, thank you
so much for being here. Don’t forget to subscribe before you go. Give this video a thumbs
up if you enjoyed it. And I hope you guys have an
awesome rest of your day. I’ll see you in the next video, bye! (upbeat music)

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