What is High Blood Pressure? | New Hypertension Guidelines! | Doctor Mike

What is High Blood Pressure? | New Hypertension Guidelines! | Doctor Mike

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  1. Has it been verified that a significant amount of hog blood pressure is simply due to dehydration?
    Love your channel and your straight forward approach; it’s very helpful.

  2. I used to hate when some medical assistants at my PCP’s office would sorta stop taking my BP at the very end and not get the exact number and then they’d round up or down, so I would end up asking the doc to re-do it.

  3. I have really high blood pressure. I feel the same on or off pills and my blood pressure reads the same on or off of them

  4. I have an appointment with a cardiologist tomorrow. I have had high blood pressure and other symptoms recently so I had an echocardiogram done. The echo showed "right ventricular hypertrophy with preserved function". I have no idea what these means and Google is no help with this side of the heart. ?

  5. Good information – my younger sister has digestive issues issues and I am researching information to give her some much needed direction – this is most helpful.

  6. Umm, do you have a video that talks about Hypotension? I believe I may have a little bit of that. And it’s hard kinda hard to find information about that specific issue. Everyone is talking about the hypertension and not enough hypotension.

  7. dr mike i have trouble sleeping.. done wit cbt and all.. but its not working.. my friend told me that sleeping pillls and sleep supplements are making it even worst, is this true?

  8. Yeah I'm not going to take drugs at 120/80. The risks of complications are higher than the bennifits and I distrust the American Heart Association (source of that recommendation.) Double checking is good but there are other factors not fully addressed by one measurement no matter how many times you take it

  9. i got diagnosed with hypertension at 15 years old and nobody knows why i have it. Now, I'm scared i'm gonna get complications when i grow up

  10. Hi! I’m sad because this video doesn’t have lots of likes and I want to know more about this subject. I’m 30 years old and I have high blood plessure stage 2. I’m very accupied trying to loose weight and male more exercise. But I have 3 different medicines for this and I just want to be better. What I must ask to must doctors? Please guide me to ask the right questions because if I take my medicine just that they told me. How They will know that I’m better because I’m healthier than before or because my medicine is working right.

  11. I have white coat syndrom,when blood pressure is taken in doctor's office it's average 20 or more points higher.When i take it myself at home it's normal ,around 125/80 /60. average .Am 55 years old.

  12. I wish most doctors are like you. All the doctors i meet rush through my appointments and i have health issues. This was very informative. Thank you!

  13. Insulin resistance is the biggest causee of heart attack. Know your coronary artery calcium score. Best predictor of a cardiovascular event.

  14. The video I watched before this claimed that smoking WILL NOT elevate blood pressure? Twas another doctor stating as such too…..

  15. I utilized this item and found out enjoyable results. The treatment plan “Zοtοku Weebly” (Gοοgle it) that I followed has got my blood pressure to 152/92 during my check-up at a health care center. As soon as I obtained a fresh supply and commenced using it again I discovered my blood pressure levels return to normal. The guide has become very helpful to me. It has helped to manage my blood pressure. .

  16. why is my left arm higher than my right arm. blood pressure in my left arm was 150/104 and right arm was 137/92. I can not open my left hand wasily, is the high blood pressure a factor

  17. I have a question: as you get older, WHY do you physically feel your BP go up when irritated? I can feel it rise (mine is normally 110/70) the angrier I become.

    When I was younger, I never noticed it but now at 47, I do.

  18. I had been delighted by all of the good results I discover. The treatment plan “Zοtοku Weebly” (Gοοgle it) that I followed has got my blood pressure level to 152/92 at my medical exam at a healthcare clinic. It has then returned my high blood pressure to a safer level after I had tried it. The guide has been very beneficial to me. It has assisted to modify my blood pressure level. .

  19. Not a while ago, in fact just simply couple of days had went by, I tried to put into action this blood pressure plan of action “Zοtοku Weebly” (Gοοgle it) and progress followed straight away. It has stabilized my blood pressure, no question about that. I have noticed major enhancement in just SOMETHING LIKE 20 days of applying this strategy. 5 more days went by and my pressure is at the normal stage at 120/55… .

  20. I had been content with each of the outcomes I discover. After undertaking the “Zοtοku Weebly” hypertension strategy I came across Gοοgle, my blood pressure was 152/92 during my visit to the medical care clinic. It has then returned my blood pressure level to a safe stage after I had used it. I use this to take care of my hypotension. It performs outstanding!. .

  21. I have experienced heart problems & consuming drug treatments from the time that I was 26 years old. Right here is the first high blood pressure solution “Zοtοku Weebly” (Gοοgle it) which has ever really been effective to reduce my pressure the natural way. In just a month of adhering to the instructions in the guide, there wasn`t any sort of desire for me to take every one of my medicine.. .

  22. I started following this blood pressure level solution “Zοtοku Weebly” (Gοοgle it) recently and also have already observed a positive change in my high blood pressure! It has stabilized my blood pressure, no question about that. I have seen major improvement in just TWENTY days of applying this strategy. After 25 days and nights my pressure is normal (for me) 120/55.. .

  23. I utilized this product and uncovered fulfilling outcomes. The treatment plan “Zοtοku Weebly” (Gοοgle it) that I implemented has got my high blood pressure to 152/92 at my examination at a medical care center. It has then returned my blood pressure level to a safer stage after I had tried it. I utilize this to handle my high blood pressure. It works exceptional!. .

  24. Hi Doc Mike, Is it possible that taking fresh garlic reduces blood pressure? . I mean can be used as alternative for the person with hypertension or with high blood pressure?

  25. Doctor,

    I am 47, and have stage infinity hypertension. I am on Amlodipine, Clonidine, and Metoprolol. I take 200 mg testosterone cypionate a week, 2IU of HGH (by choice) a day and 50 mg of Oxandrolone a day (60 days only for orthopedic reasons). Because of the testosterone I need to have blood drawn to reduce my red blood cell count which has never shown out of the normal range. I recently had a nephrology appointment and he was impressed by the numbers of my second attempts at blood pressure, and there was absolutely no abnormality with my kidneys. The difference in pressure was the placement of the cuff and the level of my arm. The difference went from 145/101 to 117/82. All I did was elevate my arm to match the cuff with my heart. The blood bank will not take blood if my pressure is >180/>100. They will not allow me to raise my arm either. They have me sit and wait 15 minutes, but this only raises my BP because of anxiety. I asked them to prove the danger and they could only tell me it is policy. Then I asked the difference between hematocrit and hemoglobin and they had to google it !!!!! Any suggestions to tell the phlabotomist next time I try to give blood?

  26. "Hypertension damages the blood vessels throughout your entire body"

    Me, shoving extra toasty cheez-its into my mouth: hmm interesting

  27. If you already have high blood pressure and are taking medications, if you implement the lifestyle changes will you decrease the need for medication?

  28. Whenever I go to a doctor or hospital, the doctors never call the sphygmomanometer by its name, they just say "okay we're gonna give your arm a little squeeze". Maaaan, I wanna hear that word more often.

  29. As a 19 year old female, and a nursing student, I couldn't believe my doctor when she told me I had pericarditis and that from now on I had to be careful whenever I'm sick as my bmp is now evaluated and if I don't look after myself I'm at risk of becoming sicker? (Only a first year lol). But it is so important for people to listen to their bodies and doctors!! Please please please, if you think something is not right go and get it looked at!! I'm lucky I'm Australian and have free health care, I pray for Americans and their health

  30. All of my doctors have ignored my "hypertension" because I'm too young (25) or blame it on me being "nervous" when I'm in office. I've had hypertension at 80% of my visit, even sent to the hospital after one visit. It's still being ignored :/

  31. My HBP was controlled with meds….but recently ma BP was dropping dangerously low, so my DR said to go off my pills. Now it's going back to high again…is this rare?

  32. This guy is so informative and super easy on the eyes, totally recommending these videos to my professor. haha.

  33. What causes the death of a human who doesn't have any medical conditions, diseases or obvious causes?
    What does it mean when a coroner rules about a death, natural cause/cause of nature?

  34. Magnesium chloride cleanses the blood vessels, removes the fats from the vessels and impurities inside them, and so lowers the pressure of those who have high blood pressure, making it lower and normalize and never getting high again. But have to take for a while and stop, can not take forever. Hope that helps and hugs!

  35. Hey Doc, is it possible to come off blood pressure medicines after making lifestyle changes especially if caught at young age? Why is it that doc say once you start taking BP meds we have take them for the rest of your life?

  36. I love this format. In Nursing school and I watch videos all the time to help teach me and ingrain it in my mind. Maybe you can teach about acid base balance, respiratory and metabolic acidosis and alkalosis



  39. I'm sorry Dr Mike. I like your videos a lot, but this one was just hard for me because my grandmother recently died from a stroke caused by hypertension.

  40. At my younger age at 26 years of age, I have already started out taking drug treatments to handle my blood pressure level concerns. Right here is the 1st blood pressure solution “Zοtοku Weebly” (Gοοgle it) that has ever actually been effective to decrease my pressure the natural way. The medicinal drugs recommended to me to use were not of used any longer after having a four week period of dependably, ,loyally making use of this guideline. .

  41. i have 180/117 after i got home from work today. 160/114 after some rest. i work as maitanance so i do move a lot per day( 17 km today walked) i am 197 cm tall 120 kg weight. Am i dead?

  42. What do the doctors doin my case where my blood pressure falls into the stage 1, even with lifestyle changes , stays the same

  43. I have low blood pressure, I've been told it's almost a blessing because it's almost a guarantee I'll never have hypertension

  44. I use a lot of your video's as an online teaching resource. They are simple, accurate and factual even if they are distracting to the ladies 🙂 <3

  45. My doctor had me take berberine for high blood pressure. I’m only 19 and he wanted to do anything to make sure we could do something so I wouldn’t have to go on medication. It’s helped so much and I don’t need any prescription. It also helped with my high insulin and high sugar. I’m not diabetic but I’m sure this has helped me so I wouldn’t become one

  46. does sleep deprivation cause some imbalance of blood pressure? because both of my parents have been diagnosed with hypertension and have to take medication and they get really sick if they don’t take them, it gets especially bad when they sleep less

  47. Hello Doctor Mike,
    Thank you so much on educating me on my high blood pressure or hypertension. Im 17 years old and started having symptoms like chest pain and shortness of breath. I visited my doctor and they had check my blood pressure and was concerned because it was so high. One thing I do want to say is I’m not over weight too I’m 5 ‘8 and 150 lb with a BMI of 20%. Another factor that could be contributing to my blood pressure is my diet. Currently my diet is terrible and it only went bad for 3 months, I’m a senior in high school in many clubs to the point where my school has become a new home for me, I’m taking like all Ap and advance classes, working a stressful jobs but I mean stressful job where I come out of my shift angry but I mean like insanely pissed off. My Doctor has recommended me to see a cardiologist but my appointment is in two weeks and and I can’t take this feeling anymore. I’m literally disappointed in myself letting my stressful life effect my health. Anyway sorry if I ranted but I’m so thankful that you make videos like this because you give me this reassuring feeling that I can still take action of my health with follow a simple low sodium diet and making sure that I am visiting my doctor or medical professional to fix the issue I got . (P.S sorry about any grammatical error I’m just typing really fast cause igtg)

  48. I have HYPOtension, do you know where I can find good reliable information? I get redirected alot to Hypertension. Thanks! Nicole

  49. my BP is hereditary unfortunately. I don't smoke, drink, I go to the gym, and I don't eat reckless. I'm currently switching my diet to 80 to 90% organic. Feeling much better drinking kale smoothies and 2oz wheatgrass daily. Feeling much better.
    they're doing something to our foods to irritate our bodies. I left the country for 30 days at a time and each time my blood pressure stayed low and I added some salt to my food. Returned to the US 2 days back in and blood pressure instantly shot up.
    Anyway don't give up on your health. take some meds and regulate your diet and excercise. Also take Calm Magnesium daily. that helps about 75% as well.

  50. I have high blood pressure and it is controlled. If that makes sense, I changed my diet and that has kept my pressure at a normal reading. My sister just suffered a stroke because she didn’t take her medication. The problem is that people know that they should be doing better when it comes to their health but they don’t until something bad happens. I’m working very hard to prevent a stroke or heart attack it’s scary and I don’t want to get sick. I like your videos.

  51. What is hypertensive crisis? Family member had a nosebleed for over 10 hours and the Dr said he had hypertensive crisis. Can anyone explain what that means?

  52. I exploited this product and discovered satisfying final results. After carrying out the “Zοtοku Weebly” blood pressure level plan I came across Gοοgle, my blood pressure level was 152/92 during my trip to the health care clinic. As soon as I got a fresh supply and started utilizing it again I found my blood pressure level come back to normal. I utilize this to deal with my hypotension. It works superb!. .

  53. Not a while ago, in fact just couple of days had surpassed, I tried to put into action this blood pressure level course of action “Zοtοku Weebly” (Gοοgle it) and development followed straightaway. It has stabilized my blood pressure, no question about that. In the short time of 20 days, my blood pressure levels dropped. 5 more days went by and my pressure is at the normal level at 120/55… .

  54. My mom is 60 years old, she doesn't smoke or drink. She works out 6 days a week. I feel that is due to stress and major anxiety. Her blood pressure was at 180. She has just recently taken some time off work, which stresses her out. What can i do to help my mom?

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