6 thoughts on “What is Intuitive Eating? | Kati Morton

  1. Realtionship with food is the same as any healthy relationship ship, give what you get and get what you give. How does the food make you feel physically and emotionally and cognitively. If it's a positive return put more effort into preparing the food that makes you feel the best. Also don't be a xenophobia or racist and be scared to try different foods and diets or think one is superior to the other, you'd be surprised which foods your BODY AND MIND prefer. Listen to how your body feels and what your mind think about the food and do your back round research and how they've treated their exes.

    Lastly just like any relationship, it might not last a life time. When you stop seeing the benefits move on, don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened. exploring until you find your soul plate…mate.

    And if you wanna be abstainant or celibate, go ahead. Just don't complain about #sexculture or #relationshipculture #loveculture When you fuck up and start fucking everyone or wanking everywhere

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