What To Eat To Lose Weight | Weight Loss Tips

What To Eat To Lose Weight | Weight Loss Tips

If you love watching Glamrs videos and would like to be notified everytime we drop a new one, please bash that bell icon below! What are good healthy breakfast options when trying to lose weight? Well, as I said any of your favourite food can be modified into a healthy dish. So even if you love a bowl of poha make sure that you add veggies, sprouts to it. So a proper breakfast could be anything it could be a paratha but not only wheat flour you can definitely add some oats or flaxseeds. It could be paratha with curd very important. So a hot paratha with a bowl of curd would work well. It can be paratha, poha, bowl of oats porridge with some raisins, nuts, anything! What is better for fat loss- low carb or low fat? Well, for weight loss I think you don’t need to go low carb and you don’t need to go low fat. Moderation is the key. But if you go very high on carbs and fat that is also not a good thing. So I would just say moderation is the way to go. Many myths about cooking oil which oil is good for cooking? Well, cooking oil are the latest nutrition trend where everybody is confused you know and now they say cook in butter, cook in ghee cook in coconut oil, cook in olive oil. There’s a full family of oils out there. So I would personally say that cook in ghee why not? Not in every meal because you have to keep your fat intake in check. So use your normal, local oil like Kashmiris use mustard oil, South Indians use coconut oil, and so many of these oils don’t have any adverse effects because I have seen it in my cients so the only thing I would like to say is cook in your local oils. And if you’re a punjabi and love ghee you can definitely use maybe half or one tsp of ghee to cook in. But coming to olive oil I would not recommend to cook in. It helps you lose weight but olive oil once heated the smoking point increases nullifying all it’s benefits. You can drizzle some but again maybe I would just say why waste your fat intake in a salad then you rather have a bit of the cake. Dhrishti thank you so much for answering all these questions it was a pleasure having you here. Have a great day Until next time stay tuned and stay GLAMRS

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  1. Eating right is the main key
    I love how she explain this…I watch the live session of this & really found this helpful
    Love this
    Love glamrs 😘😍😄😃👌👍

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  3. She explained it so well, there's so much rave about olive oil all around, but in north India we've been using mustard oil for cooking since ages, its just the lifestyle that keeps us fit, not the oil or food. Just don't eat and sit all day

  4. ky wait Kam karnee ka ..Liya dieting karna … important ha kyy …muja weight kam karna ha ..per dieting ni hotii ha …..gymm join kr saktee ha kyy ..

  5. Mujhe spine ki problam hai aur sugar b badh rahi hai and pcod bhi hai in sb cheezo ke beech wazan badh raha hai…plz mujhe batayen mai kaise weight km karun…

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