Whole30 Meal Prep Recipes! – Mind Over Munch

Whole30 Meal Prep Recipes! – Mind Over Munch

(upbeat music) – Munchies! Alyssia here! Coming to you with a meal prep option for anyone taking the Whole 30 Challenge. In case you aren’t familiar with Whole 30, you’re not allowed to eat any legumes, dairy, sugar,
sweeteners, or grains for 30 days. (sirens) So when you eliminate
processed foods as an option, you’re forced to only eat
whole foods for those 30 days and you kind of get to see
how your body responds when you don’t have any inflammatory
food options in your diet. – So what the heck do I eat? – So a lot of you know if
you follow me on Instagram, I did do Whole 30 in January of this year. It was amazing. It changed my life and my relationship with food and I highly encourage you to try it out if you feel like you need something to kind of spark a
change in your own lives. And I will link all of the
Whole 30 original information in the description box below. For breakfast, I’m sharing two options so you can switch it up. First is a banana chia pudding. No sugar or sweeteners
are allowed on Whole 30 so all of your sweetness
has to come from whole foods which is why I turned to a banana. Make sure you have one that is super ripe and spotty so it’s sweeter. Mash the banana up. Add it to a jar with chia seeds, vanilla, vanilla extract
is technically not Whole 30 so I am using the actual bean. Unsweetened coconut shreds and Whole 30 compliant almond milk to a jar and stir to combine. Cover and refrigerate overnight. You can make as many
of these as you’d like. It will last four to
five days in the fridge. But I do think it’s best fresh. So I like to prep this
meal the night before. It’s up to you but it’s
super easy to throw together. I add fresh banana, almond slivers, toasted coconut and a
sprinkle of cinnamon to top. I bought plain coconut
and toasted it myself, just three to four minutes in the oven. But watch because it will burn quickly. Toasting adds so much delicious flavor without needing extra ingredients. My second breakfast option
is a sweet potato toast. I have a whole video on this so you can check it out
for the complete guide but I pretty much cut my sweet potatoes into toasts and store. Then I can toast it up in
the toaster or toaster oven that morning and serve
with my favorite topping. A few of my favorite Whole
30 compliant variations are avocado with salt and sesame seeds, almond butter with banana and cinnamon or coconut cream with strawberries. For lunch I’m prepping jalapeno
sliders with a side salad. These are from my new low-carb
meal prep recipes e-book where most of the recipes
are Whole 30 compliant. I mix ground beef, onion,
seeded and chopped japalenos, you can leave the seeds for more heat, I like the flavor, garlic powder, onion
powder, chipotle powder, and salt n’ pep to a bowl. I shape them into patties and then cook in a little avocado oil in
a skillet over medium heat. Grill those babies until nicely seared, three to four minutes on one side and then flip and cook to
your liking on the other side. For the side salad, I
combine mixed greens, microgreens, chopped bell
pepper and slivered almonds. I toss and store this
for meal prep purposes. I whisk together extra virgin
olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic paste and salt
n’ pep for the dressing which I store separately and
then add at the time of eating. I serve the jalapeno
sliders on lettuce wraps with my favorite Whole 30
condiments for toppings. Mustard is a great option as well as avocado or avocado mash, tomatoes or any other veggies
or toppings that you prefer. These sliders are great hot or cold making them perfect for
on-the-go situations. For dinner I’m making some
chicken and vegetable skewers with sweet potato mash. This was actually a dinner
that I randomly made up from whatever I had during my Whole 30. I shared it with you guys on Instastory and those of you who did see
it seemed to really like it so I thought I would include it here because it is totally meal preppable. First I throw some sweet
potatoes in the oven that I’ve just poked with
a fork and wrapped in foil. I soaked some wooden skewers in water so they don’t burn in the oven just for about an hour or so. I add brussel sprouts, mushrooms,
organic chicken breast, zucchini, and red onion to skewers. You can really add whatever
vegetables you like. I season with avocado oil, salt, pepper, and chili lime seasoning
from Trader Joe’s. I put them on a rack with a baking pan lined with foil and bake. (light music) When the sweet potatoes are done, I remove and allow to cool. When I’m able, I remove
the skin and then mash. I add almond milk, melted ghee
which is Whole 30 compliant, onion salt from Trader Joe’s, herbs de provence, and
salt n’ pep to season. Mix and mash and season to taste. These are delicious! I can store all of this
separately for meal prepping and I’ve got a quick and
nutritious meal ready to go. But it’s also so easy
to make on a weeknight with very little effort if
you don’t want to prep it. For snacks, I keep some avocado ready. I love eating avocado sliced plain with Trader Joe’s Everything
but the Bagel seasoning as well as Marcona almonds, strawberries, and other seasonal fruit
and hard-boiled eggs. I know desserts aren’t ideal for Whole 30 but if you really need a sweet, I love coconut whipped cream with banana and toasted coconut. Refrigerate a can of coconut cream, different brands work better than others. Thai Kitchen always seems
to work better for me. Remove the cream from the can and whip it up with a hand mixer. This is delicious on its own and it’s a great alternative
to whipped cream. Don’t add any sweetener
for Whole 30 though. Instead I add a pinch of cinnamon and top with some fresh banana and the
toasted coconut from earlier. Bam! Coconut whipped cream will
last a few days in the fridge but it’s best if you re-whip it before enjoying after the first day. And that is my Whole 30 meal prep. Let me know if you guys
want more Whole 30 recipes and if you’ve done the Whole 30 challenge. Also, would you be interested
in a Whole 30 challenge on Youtube, possibly before summer where we post recipes and all
do the challenge together? We can be accountability partners. Answer the poll in this
video to let me know. Also, if you wanna check out my low-carb or vegetarian meal prep e-book, they’re available at mindovermunch.com and you can get 10% off
any e-book or package this week only if you
use the code “Whole30”. Subscribe to the website
while you’re there so you’re entered into
our monthly giveaways. (sirens) – This isn’t even good. – I’ll see you next week and remember it’s all a matter of mind over munch. – Don’t! Forget! To Subscribe!

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  1. I did whole30 for the first time last year, and I loved it. Started one in January, but I gave up when I got sick. I was too tired to cook, clean, or care. ? I would definitely be interested in doing one this year before summer. I could use the reboot.

  2. you are an absolute gem. Seriously. I wanted to get healthy a while back and your video's have been a huge source of knowledge and inspiration for me. You put in so much effort as well! Courses for free?? i don't think i've seen any youtuber do that!

  3. Did you know Coconut Cream makes a great sub for that garbage Dream Whip Mom used to use for Black Forest Cake? It’s my Birthday Cake & getting her to try a GF Cake Recipe was a battle on it’s own, but this too? At least she’ll do it for me now, but still not sure she understands why. It’s also a must on top of Bob’s Red Mill’s GF Brownie Mix whenever I make it. I have a sweet tooth, but that stuff’s almost too sweet for even me on it’s own!! The Coconut Cream does an awesome job of cutting down the sweetness, while adding creamy goodness to the Brownie. Been toying w/trying a Turtle Brownie Parfait using the Brownie mix, the Cream, a batch of Date Caramel & Pecans, but waiting for a special occasion to try it. That really is something that calls for it to made for IMHO. Then again…Maybe if both my hockey teams make it into the NHL Playoffs, I’ll celebrate by trying this 1st night either one or both play!!
    Love the Banana Chia Pud, as I’ve finally got Mom on the Chia Seeds really are great for you Team & she’s asking me for new ideas all the time, so this is great timing!! Been wanting to try Sweet Potato Toast, but it looked a bit too fussy when I’ve seen it elsewhere. Seeing this has me believing it’s easy & the Strawberries & Coconut Cream? Excuse me as I wipe off the drool from my phone…
    Is Frozen Fruit Whole 30? Guessing yes, but wondering as freezing can really intensify the sweetness in certain fruit, like Purple Grapes & Pineapple, & it sounds like you need to avoid really sweet things on a Whole 30, so just wondering.
    BTW a cup of Frozen Peas makes an awesome snack too. They also taste sweeter when frozen. Just putting that out there for consideration. ?
    Thank you for all you do for us & I will be checking out those free workshops/seminars. Especially the one on Inflammation, as being a Celiac & Type 2 Diabetic, that’s one I really need to check out.
    And now if I want to be up to watch ?? v ?? in Para Ice Hockey Prelims from the Paralympics, I needs to hit my pillow!! Thanks again!! ?

  4. I would love a whole 30 challenge. Or ya know, accountability while I'm trying not to eat my favorite combos in the world. Bread and cheese. Cheese and bread. Basically gluten and dairy and their sinfully delicious combinations.

  5. I have done the whole 30 two times now, and have found recipes I love all the time!! would love more whole 30 recipes or challenge!!

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  8. Lol cool video. I would like to do the whole 30 challenge.. here on Youtube because i dont have IG.
    I just clicked subscribe!

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  11. I'm curious about onion and garlic powder. It isn't something I normaly have in the house but I do have actual onions and garlic on hand. Are these powders used for a convenience factor (no chopping!) or to avoid having "chunks" mixed in? Or does it impart some magical taste that I should be aware of lol? Not hating, just genuinely curious 🙂

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  19. I love your bento box series, and I am currently on the Whole 30 again. I would love if you made a Whole 30 bento box.

  20. I rocked the challenge feb -March and now I am equally rocking terrible eating practices. I’m a bit disappointed in myself (not beating myself up tho) I can feel the difference now that I’m not on it.

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    Paleo and Whole30 diets prohibit or strongly discourage eating beans/legumes. It seems bonkers to me that a food that much of the world relies on (and has, for centuries,)– particularly the impoverished world– could or should be so terrible that the privileged and elite of us ought to omit them nearly completely from our diet. It just doesn't sit well with me! And I can't imagine that the reasons for excluding them are properly considering looking at the big picture and all the other positive things that beans have to offer. Wanna do the research for us? 😉

  25. Thanks for a great video…started my whole 30 two weeks ago and haven't missed milk or bread at all….I'm amazed how I can drink black coffee ?….

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  27. Doing whole30 (mainly vegan version – way more restrictive) was insane, but I felt so clear after and it radically changed my addition to pepsi.

  28. Great video, great recipes but way too much SWYPO!! Check out the Whole 30 meal template. Love your work though, not meaning to be critical 🙂

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