Why Eating Organic Is Better!

Why Eating Organic Is Better!

I have a passion for produce – so can somebody
do me a favor and point me toward the good stuff? Hey everyone, Laci Green here for DNews. Over
the past 5 years or so you may have noticed the organic produce section slowly getting
bigger and bigger. Organic basically means that the produce was grown old-school style.
They aren’t using fertilizers to control weeds or pesticides to ward off insects – they
use natural (non-chemical) means that promote water and soil conservation while creating
less pollution. Conventional methods use all that stuff and thus are able to grow a lot
more food a lot more quickly. While organic and conventional produce look pretty much
the same, organic is often more expensive. SO…the question is….what are you paying
for and is it worth the dollas? At the end of the day, the answer to that
question comes down to personal priorities and budget, but here’s a rundown of what
the studies say. A controversial study that came out of Stanford in 2012 found that there
was no significant nutritional difference between organic and conventional produce.
The scientists hand-selected 237 studies to analyze and found a few key outcomes: (1)
No difference in vitamin, protein, or fat content, (2) no evidence of health risks with
conventional produce, but (3) conventional produce has a 30% increased risk of pesticide
contamination. They also found that children who eat conventional produce have more pesticide
residues in their pee and exposure to higher levels of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The
study was WIDELY criticized by the scientific community for using faulty methods and leaving
several really important studies about nutritional content out of their analysis. Fast forward to 2014, and the British Journal
of Nutrition has just released the largest international analysis ever, covering 343
studies on organic produce. Their findings tell a slightly different story. The researchers
found that organic produce IS more nutritious — and that it contains up to 70% more antioxidants
than conventionally grown produce. They found that chemical fertilizers, which allow vegetables
to grow bigger and faster with little effort, don’t allow for proportional antioxidant
development – so even though the veggies are bigger, the health benefits are not the same.
Antioxidants are developed as the vegetable fights to survive and grow, so if they’re
protected by chemicals, you get a different result. The review also found that conventional
produce has more pesticides (duh), and up to 48% more exposure to the toxic metal cadmium. I’ve done a lot of personal research on
this topic and it seems to me that organic has lots of health benefits and the widespread
use of antibiotics, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers is very questionable. But conventional
produce is still MUCH better than no produce at all and you’re not on the fast track
to death by eating it. If you’re on a budget and need to be choosy, prioritize the fruits
and veggies where you eat the skin. Apples are a big one, strawberries, grapes, tomatoes,
and so forth. Let me know what you think about eating organic down below and I’ll see you
soon with more science updates!

59 thoughts on “Why Eating Organic Is Better!

  1. Too bad Laci couldn't bother to learn something before making this video.  A) Fertilizers do not control weeds.  B) Pesticides help control much more than insects; like, weeds, for example.  SMH.

  2. Laci, you did not do any research on this topic you are merely spreading conjecture. You make DNews look bad when you don't back up claims to back up your argument. By the way fertilizers are not used to control weeds, that would be a pesticide or more specifically a herbicide. Way to go, why don't you go forth and spread more conjecture in your search for affirmation. You are praying on the fear of the masses (AKA our ignorant populations). Get back to the basics and talk about what is scientifically supported don't tell people what you want to be true. 

  3. Laci you've lost weight and gained a tan! But don't be ashamed to show some cleavage! We are gonna fap regardless woman! Oh and nice video I agree and stuff blah blah blah

  4. Scientists estimate that if we switched to 100% organic farming, we could feed 4 billion people. Which 3 billion people are you willing to let starve to death?

  5. A year ago, I was a mess. I was existing on preservatives, fast food, soda, all of the junk you see many people eat on a daily basis. I watched my own video I made about what food is, man I was doped up bad on fake food. I can't believe how far I have come since then. These days I eat 90% organic, if I have less then I have less. I'd rather have a little organic food than a lot of garbage food. We are talking about your health here, excuses such as I can't afford it don't help much! Do you have diseases? Chronic illness? Aren't those expensive? Last time I checked a kidney stone surgery cost me almost $9,000!!! That was a decade ago! I was absolutely living on junk. And I had a huge kidney stone. Doctors told me if you get them once you usually get them again, what a terrible experience it was. I have not since been hospitalized for a kidney stone. Thank goodness. I can tell anyone who wants to know just how I avoid kidney stones. Save yourself and your family BUY ORGANIC.

  6. This video is not informative. And does not receive my seal of approval. I am a poor tax paying citizen, my videos have a budget of 0 dollars. So if you watch them, remember I do what I can afford. I started on youtube filming with a calculator 😉

  7. The fact that the FDA deliberately prevents you from knowing the ingredients on 99% of grocery store food SHOULD be a HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE red flag to each and every one of you here!  but your only a stupid human, what do you care about what your eating……….sigh.

  8. Organic food is like slavery
    Organic free them from poisoned chemicals and give them better nutritions and still they want to be slaves to the greedy mass producing companies that ruined our environment.

    I have put my daughter on an all organic diet and she healthier and smarter than most kids
    Believe it or not i think it even made her more spiritual!!!

    It cost me a lot but when i see how great she have grown the past 4 years
    It makes me proud

    Some people prefer money some prefer healthier children

    That's why they lie to themselves and be like its the same as the food covered with chemicals used to kill bugs !!!!


    Are you asking me to feed my child food filled with small amount of pesticides and try to convince me it's harmless !!!

  9. Eat as organic as you can. Hey while your at it try making a small organic garden to grow some food yourself.

  10. We've been eating organic food for hundreds of thousands of years. Now all of a sudden we think spraying the food with pesticides and poison and genetically modifying it is okay? Why do you think people are getting sick and fat left and right? Eating conventional food is a big joke.

  11. Organic local farms are the way to go! big Ag is one hell of a scam! it is so disgusting to see all these brainwashed mindless comments below! stop bullshitting us with GMOs are made by nature and everything is GMO. Also you keep using your same old tinfoil hat bullshit. We need to educate people and get them out of there mind controlled realty! May the truth prevail!

  12. Well it is a choice like u said. U Can choose to
    Eat Aldis horse meat. U can choose all this boxed cheap gmo stuff over organic and pay more In the end sitting at dr office paying for ur cancer treatment.

  13. This is a joke, right? Right out of the gate, you lie. Had respect for you Laci, don't anymore. First and foremost, organic does use fertilizers and pesticides, many times identical in molecular composition to their synthetic counterparts. Second, everything is chemicals. Everything. When you use phrasing like "there's chemicals in your food" any educated person is going to think "well, no shit, Sherlock." Anything can be poisonous, and it's the dosage that makes something poisonous. You can die from drinking pure water. If you want to use your privilege and buy organic, fine. But don't force your life choices onto other people. Not everyone has the luxuries that you have, and not everyone can afford to scoff at perfectly safe and healthy food.

  14. Organic really is not worth it. Like conventional produce, organic is, in fact, grown with fertilizers and pesticides. The only difference is that organic produce has to use natural, not synthetic, pesticides and fertilizers. In fact, "natural fertilizers" usually mean "animal waste" (i.e. shit), which could explain the occasional E.coli contaminations in spinach, tomatoes, and other fruit and vegetable crops.

    Also, organic is often out of the price range for most people.

  15. to be honest my life been getting better since i started eating organic food my skin, i feel less stressed, and i dont get sick no more, organic food is the best, in the other hand conventional food used to have me sick all the time and with acne, and also i used to feel stressed and tired all the time.

  16. I choose ORGANIC. We'll see the results (REAL RESULTS) in a few years from now. If the population of the world is HALF that of today's, I'll feel better about my "expensive" decision… Good luck.

  17. Cancer, diabetes and a myriad of other maladies come from somewhere…  Monsanto and Agenda 21 have a plan for you: GMO. In the next 50 years, the population of the world will be less tan 50% of that of today's. The plan is working really well. Soylent Green IS NOT going to be a reality…

  18. i often wonder why aliens dont visit this planet then i read the remarks on here HELLO IS THERE ANYONE IN! we are willingly posioning ourselves, cancer heart disease dementia all out of control WHY ARE WE NOT ASKING THE REASONS BEHIND THIS? what’s changed to create this. the chemical industries runs the world, not governments there also run people perceptions which is why it’s so hard to convince people of this basic fact, pesticides herbicides insecticides are design to kill living life. Look up cides it means destroyer of life and we are feed this shit to our children in the name of sanity wake up

  19. That's
    ….. Not true at all. They are grown with pesticides and they are grown with fertilizers.

  20. Some of the info in this vid is INACCURATE~ The vid states at appx 0:19 "produce is grown old school style; they aren't using fertilizers to control weeds or pesticides to ward off insects; they use natural, non-chemical means" Organic farmers DO USE "chemicals" in regards to fertilizers and pesticides; organic does NOT equal chemical/pesticide-free. Organic farming is in our best interest and hopefully will improve in the pesticide dept. The vid was accurate w/ organic farming does "promote water and soil conservation, while creating less pollution" …however, there are so many more reasons to choose organic!

  21. most people wanna eat organic food but only the rich can afford it, I'd love to only eat organic but it's impossible as an orchard labourer to afford it. tell me how this works, I put organic food on other people plates but can't afford it myself, just shows how much we value the people who produce our food… f all

  22. The British study also included studies with less sound methodologies and was granted funding from an organization that supports organic food research whereas the Stanford study was not funded by outside sources. There are also many types of antioxidants and you should look more into which ones those are. As far as the pesticide levels, none of them are even close to an unsafe level. Conventional farming also is a lot less practical with the growing demand of food production and the vast decrease in the number of actual farmers. Also organic foods can still contain pesticides. They just can't contain synthetic pesticides. The ogranic pesticides can be much more harmful to development and long term health.

  23. Other studies show that, yes, while it has a lower chance of CHEMICAL contamination, organic simply means 'not chemical.' Poisonous fertilisers and pesticides can still be used, as long as they are NATURAL. For example, in the top 5 most deadly poisons, only 1, number 4 (Nerve Gas), is synthetic. Also, organic produce takes up more space and is actually worse overall for the environment.


  25. Here a question everyone should be asking instead of asking why organic foods are so expensive we should be asking why produzited foods are so cheap.

  26. Organic is definitely the way to go..check out the detailed benefits at http://idealhealthylifestyle.com

  27. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-smsTU6Tv6k&lc=z22bcfsrkuyncbhelacdp43admmhssqn3ofxikmdkflw03c010c But what about these points? Leave a comment I want to know people's thoughts.

  28. Could you please take a moment and answer to this survey about organic food


  29. I can't find watermelon with brown seeds. All watermelon today is seedless and it taste terribly. Only seed watermelon is good for hypertension and also terrific for erection without side effects. Whole Food Market only sell seedless watermelons. I'm very disappointed.

  30. Laci? Seriously? Whatever, I’m gonna educate you all.
    Myth: Organic Produce doesn’t have pesticides
    Truth: organic food can have pesticides if they are from a natural source. Several of these pesticides however, such as iron nitrate, are actually much worse for the environment.
    Myth: Organic is better for you
    Truth: there is no difference in nutrients from organic to conventional
    Myth: Organic has a higher yield
    Truth: organic has a 25% decrease in yield. This is also why the price is hugely inflated
    Myth: organic and by extension free range meats are more ethical.
    Truth: Organic meat is not allowed to be treated with antibiotics, meaning if an animal gets infected, they have a high chance of dying. And to be considered Free Range, animals only required FIVE MINUTES in witch they are allowed outside. Furthermore, many free range animals are kept in cages for early stages of their life, meaning they are afraid to go outside when the opportunity arises

  31. I worked on several organic farms…all use pesticides…copper sulfate is the worst…it kills everything….it polluted the water supply…its organic but sheer poison……organic is a scam…NEVER buy organic

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