“Why I Allow Meat On A Plant Based Diet” Dr Pam Popper & Dr Esselstyn

“Why I Allow Meat On A Plant Based Diet” Dr Pam Popper & Dr Esselstyn

Recently we’ve seen a few well known vegans
going back to eating meat and the negative reaction of some of the vegan community. I believe that a 100% whole food plant based
diet is the healthiest diet for humans however I think it’s important we don’t view it
as an all or nothing diet or as an exclusive club because any movement towards plant based
eating has to be a good thing. I recently heard a great talk by Dr Pam Popper
on this very issue. In this audio clip Dr Popper and Dr Caldwell
Esselstyn are giving their opinions on whether or not eating some animal products on a mostly
plant based diet is ok. Before we hear that clip if you’re suffering
from a chronic disease such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, lupus etc it’s
my opinion that you have to be on a 100% whole food plant based diet in order to heal. So now let’s hear that clip. The link to the original video is in the description
below……[Dr Popper] “I think that one thing we know is that it is dose dependent
and here’s my concern about all of this, there really isn’t an indigenous vegan population
on the planet. We all study statistics for places like Okinawa
and Papua New Guinea where it’s a plant based diet where it’s a starchy plant based
diet and very tiny amount of calories from animal protein and so I think we have to acknowledge
that very small amounts of animal foods in the diet appear to be tolerable by humans
and one of the ways I think that we can get more people to do this is not being so caught
up with the ‘V’ word. Now having said that, the patients who you
deal with I’ve seen your program at Cleveland Clinic and I don’t think there’s any level
of restriction that you could give these people that would be inappropriate, because of how
sick they are, I recommend your diet to people who are in that condition. But I think we run the risk of taking people
who are younger and not sick and making them think that this is a diet for people who are
very sick because it is so restrictive. So that’s why we don’t take animal foods
entirely off the table for a significant number of our people but we are very clear that it
has got to be a tiny little bit of animal food. I mean a woman in Ethiopia fixing dinner tonight
takes 8oz of goat and slices it up and feeds 9 people and that’s simply not dangerous
as far as we know. But is has to be prescriptive in other words
it’s 2 or 3 times a week, it’s organic, it’s wild caught. Everybody wants to get carried away with the
quality of the animal food. I think there are some issues with the quality
of the animal food, I think we should pay attention to it. But I think that the quality of the animal
food discussion leads people to think that if it’s better animal food then you can
have a lot of it, and that’s simply not true. Then the other discussion ends up being well
if it is fish and chicken is that better than beef and pork? Not if you’re eating the same amount of
it. It’s only when whatever it is that you’re
eating with the exception of dairy in my opinion, that you ratchet it down to a teeny teeny
part of your diet, assuming you’re in relatively good health that you’re going to get any
therapeutic effect. We have to stop having a discussion about
pasture fed beef -that leads people to think there’s some magical way they can somehow
be able to hang on to all this animal food in their diet and I think the evidence is
quite clear that they can’t. [Dr Esselstyn] “You have to answer what
to everybody is a little bit what is moderate ask them what moderate would be?” [Dr Popper] “Well we don’t use that term,
I’m talking about a little bit, our language about it is very specific it’s 2 or 3 times
a week.” [Dr Esselstyn] “So that’s 156 times out
of the year that you’re injuring your endothelial cells!” [Dr Popper] “Well here’s the thing sometimes
I have a glass of wine that probably injures my brain cells and this afternoon I had a
cup of coffee and I have acrylic nails and that’s probably not good and we have no
idea what color my hair is. If what we’re suggesting to people is that
you should not ever do anything that causes any injury to any part of your body at anytime
I wouldn’t have got on the plane this morning I wouldn’t have driven to the airport I’d
take off the nails and we’d see whatever color my hair is! I’m sure my makeup is toxic and I had birthday
cake at the last party I went to and I’m sure that was not good for me. If somebody has coronary artery disease I’m
all on board no level of restriction that is too much but I think we have to be careful
about this message because if we can’t sell it to people we’re done and if we don’t
reach anybody and if what we’re reaching is a tiny part of the population we get excited
about things, we get excited about restaurants serving plant based fare. We get excited anytime a celebrity has a vegan
meal but we have got to start getting excited because we see the needle moving in terms
of number of people in the population we are converting to thinking that taking care of
themselves with diet and lifestyle is better than taking drugs and it’s a slow slog right
now. We’ve got to gather steam. And one of the ways we’ve got to do it,
in my opinion, is we’ve got to present something that people are willing to buy. The science of change is as rich as the science
of plant based nutrition or nutrition in general and the 2 reasons why people make a change
is number 1. I think it will benefit me and number 2. I can see myself doing it. I can show you study after study after study
after study, here’s where we’re losing them, “I can see myself doing it”. We have to be careful about that so that’s
one of the reasons why we sort of stay away from the V word. I’m vegan I love it I’m proud of it, I
tell everybody, I don’t hide that, but having said that I’m not sure that that is the
message that’s going to change the world.

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  1. There’s never any excuse for defending rape, torture & murder of innocent Sentient Beings which destroys our environment for the odd bloody steak…never ever defend barbaric behaviour 🙏🏾

  2. She is missing the point that we have vegan alternatives to animal products and as a result veganism is completely sellable to the general population. She is not as much of a principled vegan as most are because of her more business of the status quo viewpoint. That's just plain unethical and stupid in my opinion. Dr. Esselsyn is ultimately right, he should of refuted her argument by adding the vegan alternatives are better within her business perspective and the common ground should have ended up with 2-3 times vegan alternative product consumption than no common ground. Veganism would have been the consensus in the end which it ultimately should be. #Misanthropy4Life #Veganism4Life

  3. Popper is full of nonsense. That's why she's never left the second tier of plant positive advocates. She's also an anti-vaxxer and claims that vitamin D is harmful. Kook.

  4. The truth of the matter is when eating meat you're getting the watered down nutrients of the food. The animals we eat gets all their nutrients from a plant based diet, and the majority of the nutrients are used up by the animals body. Which in turn makes for wasted energy on our digestive system, less fuel to use.

  5. The fact of the matter is, most Okinawans who are currently at the age of 90 or above have been regularly eating more meat than what Dr Pam Popper suggests. They eat pork more than you think. But they don't fry or grill it, they just boil it.

  6. I would argue this whole movement started with Kempner, than Pritikin. Pritikin had huge success. And he did allow small amounts of meat.

  7. I couldn't eat a "teeny tiny" amount of meat. One taste and I gotta eat half the cow. It's all or nothing for me. I'm not moderate.

  8. The part that many people choose to overlook is that the best diet for people with heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure is WFPB, and both Esselstyn & Popper agree 100%. Folks just want to distort the message. If you are not suffering from any lifestyle diseases you don't HAVE to be strictly WFPB. Just be aware you will increase your risk of all lifestyle diseases if you aren't strict.

  9. What an intelligent and eloquent woman, it's theses kinds of people that I want representing the vegan movement.

  10. I am a bit confused with the diet Dr Popper is promoting whereas Dr Esselstyn is very clear that he is promoting a “healthy” vegan diet with B12 supplements.

  11. The first time I heard her speak I was not happy I did not agree with her BUT because of some personal things that I've gone through on the vegan diet, I 100% totally agree with her now so there you have it I'm on board with her.

  12. The reason people in africa or other poor places only use tiny amounts of animal products is because that's all they have. If they had unlimited supplies of meat they would be fat and sick too. If you tell the average american they can have only a little bit it doesn't work. It's like telling a smoker that is trying to quit "you can have a tiny amount of cigarettes"…

  13. I agree so much with Dr. Popper, before going on this plant based diet, I would avoid certain of our friends from church because I had no desire to eat what always tasted like fodder to me. Now as a Christan who eats plant base due to what I read in Gensis 1: 29Then God said, “Behold, I have given you every seed-bearing plant on the face of all the earth, and every tree whose fruit contains seed. They will be yours for food. 30And to every beast of the earth and every bird of the air and every creature that crawls upon the earth—everything that has the breath of life in it—I have given every green plant for food.”, But yet when Christ returned He served Fish and Bread to Peter on the shore for breakfast.

    All this said, I can control what is served at my house and most always what I order at restaurants but if I am somewhere where this is not possible or I feel it would offend some one to eat what they have severed, I will eat small portions of meat if served. I do this because this sells what I believe more than a strick no compromise diet. Diet can't become my religion but can be a large part of it.

  14. I like Dr. Popper very much; she’s very intelligent with much to offer. But…
    what she is suggesting could actually kill people. It’s the equivalent of saying it’s OK to smoke once a week, because that is a more moderate stance that the public could actually accept. This is false. By trying to chip away at the absolute stance taken by Dr. Esselstyn, Dr. Popper deprives herself and others of the chance to come up with better solutions to the problem of convincing the public that absolutely abstaining from all animal products is the way to go. Nowhere do we see Dr. Popper asking the question, “Why does the larger public find absolute veganism so hard to accept“? From what I’ve seen, people are not having their emotional needs met by the new diet. If everyone assumes they can never have macaroni and cheese, barbecued ribs, french fries, and milkshakes ever again, then it is perfectly understandable that they are finding the absoluteness of a whole food plant-based diet too much to bear. The solution? Here is a perfect opportunity for the chefs of the world to come up with vegan equivalents of all the “comfort foods” that people have spent their lives enjoying. If the public could have the familiar tastes and satisfaction of the foods they love while fully protecting their health, don’t you think they could be won over? Don’t go after Dr. Esselstyn. He’s right! The truth has an annoying way of asserting itself even if you try to deny it. Do we really need the next generation of this world succumbing to the modern plagues of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc. which are completely avoidable with a whole food plant-based diet? A year ago I was eating eggs, meat, and milk every single day, and was in terrible shape. Going vegan, it was hard to give up comfort foods. But, I discovered an army of mostly mothers on YouTube who are tirelessly veganizing our favorite recipes, so that we can make this journey not alone. My own astonishing health transformation has convinced me that I can never go back to eating animal products. Why on earth would I? Don’t underestimate the public, Dr. Popper. People can change and they are smarter than you think.

  15. I don't always agree with Dr. Popper, but here I feel she is right on the money. I love her response to Dr. Esselstyn particularly since she was completely respectful of his approach for very ill people. Her personal examples of her own shortcomings in terms of optimum health illustrate how difficult it would be to live in the modern world if we tried to be 100% perfect. Brava.

  16. She is somewhat correct, however….
    This perspective is not the whole picture. What she has stated is only relevant if we are approaching this purely from a physical carnal perspective.

    But, what many don't yet know is, WE are much more than just physical beings.

    We are first & foremost energy or spiritual beings. So when we consume something, we are not just consuming the physical "nutrients" of that something. We are mostly consuming the spiritual energies associated with it.

    When we see & view other sentient beings – mothers, fathers, sons & daughters as food to sustain our temporary carnal bodies – there in is where the plight of the human down fall lies.

    A real life awoken spiritual being will instinctively know that human food should only be grown & not born from the womb/vigina of another being.

    There really is no way of sugar coating it…

    If your food is BORN and not GROWN, then you are a cannibal, monster, zombie, vampire, etc…

    Cats, dogs, cows, lions, chickens, eagles, bears, dolphins, etc…ARE NOT HUMAN FOOD!

    If it has blood, puss, limbs, bones, a brain, heart, etc…THEN IT IS NOT HUMAN FOOD!

    If it has a heart that pumps blood through veins just like a human, then ITS NOT HUMAN FOOD!

    If it pees, poops, eats, has a penis or vigina, IT IS NOT HUMAN FOOD!

    If it has sexual reproductive system, semen & ovaries, then IT IS NOT HUMAN FOOD!

    If ones spiritual higher self has not yet awoken, non of what I'm saying will make sense.

    And that's cool too.

  17. Plant Based Science, have the meat and dairy industry dollars got to you?
    This is the second video in recent weeks that you are promoting including some meat in the diet.
    The other video being :
    Really disappointed!

  18. I couldn't agree more with Dr Popper. If I would tell every patient I see they absolutely have to go 100% plant based almost all of them would just turn around and walk out immediately. Instead I try to get them to eat as many plant foods and as little animal products as I can so even the small steps are a victory for me because if you don't work at a specialized clinic all kinds of people will come to you and you just have to try to make a healthier diet attractive to them or otherwise they will just continue with their ways if you sound to radical right from the start.

  19. I agree that the whole point is to head towards the healthiest diet for optimum health. Some people go cold turkey and some change gradually. I think the end goal is what's important and not always how we get there. I initially transitioned over a number of months as I gained in knowledge. I didn't make any drastic changes until I had done the research. Even now I'm still learning and adjusting my diet accordingly. As was said there are no societies on the planet that are or ever have been 100% WFPB unless you count the vegan Seventh-day Adventists. ( A lot of SDAs consume dairy. )

    Also, "vegan" is a moral position and really has nothing to do with health. I know a vegan who eats a very unhealthy diet and I'm constantly warning him about the effects of his food choices on his health. Eating a large portion of fries with a vegan burger topped with vegan cheese and washing it all down with a large sugary soda is vegan but not healthy!

  20. Agree. I get so turned off by some vegans. They come off as this all or nothing with fear. This won’t help their message at all.

  21. I am 100% whole food plant based vegan on week days. I eat some animal products on weekends. That is the mature way forward.

  22. Thank you Dr Popper! I have narrowed down my diet to about 90% plant based with meat or fish 2x a week but is only about 20% of the meal! I am very healthy and fit today (age 70) and on occasion, will indulge in a pastry, coke, etc., and refuse to shut myself off from anything! And zero colonoscopies!

  23. Finally! The truth! Most Blue Zoners eat animal products – sometimes. Not a lot. This avoids nutrient deficiencies… That's how it's done. Thank you.

  24. Reading the comments below, it seems to me that many think Whole Food Plant Based eating and veganism are interchangeable terms. While people who follow a 100 percent wfpb diet are eating vegan food, not all vegans are eating whole foods. In fact, the vegans I've met personally have little interest in eating that way. Dr Greger who is both "vegan" and wfpb seems to be the exception, not the rule.

  25. I agree with what she says, after a while if you really feel you don’t need them you’ll stop eating them. I started that way and now I find myself eating almost none of it, because I found out that it really makes me ill, my stomach is happier not consuming any animal products. I feel happy about it!

  26. Americans can not do a "teeny teeny" amount of meat. I have seen a lot of very sick people who can not cut it down much. As far as I am concerned all of the success stories toward a plant based diet I see on youtube, what the health etc are outliers.

  27. Dr. Popper message is moving ❤️
    Great for those who are interested
    in transitioning to a plant base diet it’s
    more approachable without it being
    so strict. My sister is plant base
    90% of the time Vegan didn’t work
    for her and that’s fine I’m so proud
    of her eating more plants though.
    The V word can be restrictive for
    a person ❤️🌱

  28. They say 51% of the damage we do is based on what we put on our plates three times a day. They say that vegans do 1/16 the environmental destruction that meat eaters do, so if we all went vegan we'd be doing about 3% of the environmental damage were doing now instead of 51%. To me I'm an abolitionist I don't believe in forever or zoos none of it but before veganism we need to stop fishing. Overfishing will be the death of us before anyting, no fish, no Plankton, no oxygen, we're all dead. We've killed off 90% of the fish species and 50% of overall population of fish. How many pieces do you think you can pull out of the echo logical puzzle before it collapses?

  29. On a mathematical note I believe it'll be easier to get 90% of the people to go 90% vegan, which would equate to in 81% reduction in the environmental destruction we do from eating. So that 51% that they quote, as the destruction we do from what we eat everyday would be reduced by 80% to about 10% of the destruction we do overall. And we need to continue to focus on focusing on corporations and their insane behaviors as well…

  30. Years ago, I tried the Pritikin diet and I failed to stay on it. Why? Because eating a small amount of meat caused me to never loose my taste for meat. And this resulted in craving more meat until my self-control was no longer enough- and I binged. Many years later, when I cut out meat completely, then I found that I lost the taste for meat and can sustain my current WFPB diet.

  31. Ahhh suggesting a 80/20 plant/ meat diet.
    Sounds like omnivorous to me .like chimpanzees our closest animal relatives .
    We've finally gone full circle. Wow.

  32. I eat a plant base diet but I am not vegan. So I understand that they are not necessarily one and the same. Most people assume they are and this can lead to a negative connotation.

  33. 100% agree with Pam Popper, I don’t want to be vegan but don’t want to healthily, and small amounts of animal products will not hurt

  34. Hi, everyone, My name is Oleksii, I am from Ukraine, I want to ask you guys, and sammitnitrition, about my health condition, may be someone you can help me, I am suffering from polyarthritis from 15 years old, I went vegan when I was 18 ( now I am 20) and did exercise, I had really bad acne and problems with my digestive system( bloating, gas, etc.) before going vegan, and when I finally went vegan it became worse, because lack of knowledge, 4 month ago my weight was 50 kilos. But my highth is 178 sm. It was too low for my body, and I didn't know about supplementing b 12, but the thing is that exept b12 I had too low b9, due to the fact that I had probably malabsorbtion in my digestion track, but the biggest reason was that I noticed that I have vein insufficiency, I am 20 years old, and have all these diseases, life sucks, I am sorry, I can't even enjoy my life being active and on the sun, may be somebody heard about same conditions, because I don't know what to do now, how to fix my body. Will be thankful for any help.

  35. It wouldnt be honest to say something is okay if it isn't. I'd rather make as much as good arguments for the 100% and just don't judge when people cheat because they can't stick to it right away. Just be convincing and understandingly at the same time.

  36. Guys are knuckle draggers… Toss in a small bit of fish .. Steak… Or porky… And wala we get to keep the biceps & 315 lbs incline bench reps… Plus krazy mt biking… All of bits & pieces of meat

  37. Getting 100% of the people to be 90% vegan is far better than getting 3% of them to be 100% vegan.


  38. sometimes a plant based fast can heal people but to feed yourself you need a LOT OF animal foods. In Okinawa pigs were the staple food before the Americans attacked these people and their pigs during world war II That is what I read.

  39. Is it any chance that diet can vary depending on some factors, for example blood type, activity?
    If we exclude all types of meat and fats, can this make something like fat deficiency, brain mass decrease or dementia? Our brain consists from fats as you know and Esselstyn's diet denies all of them (except of almond milk) even avocado.

  40. This is a rare video from "Plant Based Science London" that I kind of dislike. Not denying that it does make sense from a pragmatic point of view. However even in the absence of empathy still one must awaken in our fellow humans a fact that is not apparent to those who eat animal products. A Corpse is as much a carcass as any other carcass from non-human sentient animal beings. One will be disgusted at the idea of eating human carcasses in spite of the great savings it will bring in terms of funeral costs alone. We give a decent burial for our human carcasses and chew on those of other species. Most can't tell one carcass from another. They truly can't tell and that is the biggest challenge facing those who can tell.

  41. A very few people can make a major transition in their lives overnight. We are humans. If you have a process to go from good, better, best we eventually achieve success. We all need to drop the idea that we can achieve perfection. Go Dr. Popper.

  42. "Allow". Lol f**k off. Most reliable clinical phenomenon is the placebo effect. Doctors are glorified priests (or priests are glorified doctors)

  43. Wow, looking at the comment section I'm shocked at how many persons (including the video creator) so warmly and quickly embraced Popper's idea. Just goes to show how many phonys there are in the vegan community, I guess. These are the same people who will shortly be on the keto diet, and will comment at YouTube videos saying they're former vegans.

    Popper is full of shit, and is just pandering to the lowest common denominator. She probably just wrote a diet book, or has some other money-making scheme based upon the "revolutionary" pseudo-veganism she talked about in the video.
    This is what the general population will hear when it listens to Popper's spiel: "Eating animal products is totally fine as long as you don't eat too much," and each person will define "too much" to suit himself and his level of self control. The result will be people going to McDonalds five times a week instead of six, and feeling super good about themselves.

    There are already PLENTY of people who tell you it's OK to eat meat in moderation; why do so-called vegans like Popper have to join them? It's better to preach full veganism, and then have people cheat once or twice a week, than to preach Popper's message and have people eat the same shitty diet they always have but include a couple of salads.

  44. I need HELP!
    I guite purchasing any animal products after the famous Oprah show. Not because of her off the cuff remark, but because The Cattle Co. sued her for it.
    I did not label myself with either V word as I was not above free meat Samples at Costco, or indulging in animal dishes offered at social or family gatherings.
    However after watching a few hard hitting documentaries: FOOD MATTERS, FORKS OVER KNIVES, COWSPIRACY and EARTHLINGS I felt a need to avoid all animal products and any processed foods for my health and out of compassion for all living creatures. I was all in, got the obnoxious T-shirts, joined a potluck support group, brought my own food to all gatherings, etc. etc. and ETC.
    A week ago I had a health checkup and was told that I am too low in protein and to make a big batch of bone broth from grass fed beef and cage free chicken both are to be hormone/antibiotic free and consume 8 – 16 ozs a day plus one serving a month of clean turkey or beef. Other than that I will follow the WFPB lifestyle.
    So what happened? I consumed organic beans, lentils, nuts and tofu but came up lacking.
    I am to go back for another test in 90 days but in the meantime I need to know how you beautiful people have kept your health in balance…
    I was born June of forty two.

  45. That's right. Don't promote what you actually promote. The increasing number of turds who are spewing this nonsense is disgusting. Every other facet of modern life is, 'go farther, do more, go big, then go bigger. But when it comes to 'real' issues such as the well-being of our planet, animal liberation, and last and certainly least, the health of humans, it's "Oh, you don't have to actually do a goddamned thing'. Just coddle the fucking losers who would rather suffer than give up their precious meat and dairy. Good going, vegan health 'professionals'. Pathetic.

  46. Well of course in order to really hear, without judgment, Dr. Popper's message, I do have to remove my ethical vegan hat, which is nearly impossible I must admit. I would never use the word "food" when talking about animals, because I no longer see animals as food and never could again. Animal ''products' or animal p
    'proteins' are the most benign terms I will use😉. But of course Dr Popper is only talking about ~and through ~ her professional context, which is a plant-based diet. For her there is something she sees is the greater good the attempt to eventually involve the majority, so in terms of the that goal, for her, it's okay to throw the baby out with the bathwater, professionally speaking and I get it.

    But still I say why eat animal products at all? With the exception of possibly hard-boiled egg whites(and I think we can all live the rest of our lives without those if we have to), there are commercial vegan versions and those one can make at home from scratch, that not only taste as good ~ or better ~if you just give them a chance. And, while still not the healthiest things you can eat, they will always be so much healthier for everyone at all times then the unnecessary 'originals".

    I don't know if Dr Poppers clinic is an inpatient facility, but if it is, then maybe don't serve the animal versions at all;, teach them about the substitutes, the plant-based substitutes that are always going to be healthier than anything which contains saturated fat, cholesterol, heme iron ,and all the other nasty nasty things that can be avoided completely by eating the good tasting vegan versions!

    I know Dr Popper is a big girl, lol, but I do have a concern that her professional stance with regard to a plant-based diet is certainly not aligned with her personal view as a vegan. I do understand that professionally she is selling Health in the form of a whole food plant-based diet with what she refers to is tiny bits of animal "food". My question is why when we got the safer healthier substitutesthen of course if someone is actually interested in becoming a vegan for ethical reasons or environmental reasons or whatever reasons, they can just treat these as bridge foods, or just have them occasionally like we do. Once a month we have Beyond
    Burger night with melted Daiya cheddar and with avocado, tomato, sweet Vidalia onions and the rest whole food homemade plant sides, like a triple bean bake, fingerling potatoe salad and a fresh fruit platter. I think what makes the Beyond Burger a nicer experience then say your basic veggie burger is the flavor for sure, the seasonings and the raw vegetables and warm toasted roll. It just tastes good~ and much easier to clean the pan!
    But most important of all not even a tiny bit of intentional harming cruelty or death.

    And the final thing we have to remember is that veganism is not a diet it is an ethical belief system we're by, among other things we don't eat animals. We don't see them as food.
    A vegan diet is an element, a component veganism, possibly the most ubiquitousone because it involves something we do or don't do every single day.
    Fortunatelypeople can simply eat a plant-based diet for their health without a thought to theanimals, and while that's hard to conceive of for most of us, it's hardly a problem because it's still not doing the harm that non-vegans do.

  47. I think she is totally off base. They love to quote about the Papua ,New Guinea tribes and the Okinawans how they eat a little meat and /or fish. I don't hear how often and how much they really consume. Popper is talking about eating small amounts 2-3 times a week. What constitutes a small amount? I can see transitional meals to ween people away from this stuff but to allow it in a normal "vegan" type diet is really defeating the idea. As Dr. Esselstyn was saying before he was cut off. You injure your body at least 156 times a year. If she wants to confess her divergence away from vegan type eating that is her choice but she needs to be prepared for the resulting consequences or affects. As we all do. I eat this way for my health primarily and everything else is secondary.

  48. I LOVE Dr. Popper. That said, the way I came to eat WFPB was by going “all in” for three weeks, following the Esselstyn diet exactly, no exceptions. And a knee injury that caused pain for an entire year disappeared. No pain at all. Hiking in the mountains healed. Now, it took some time before I stayed on the diet, but I don’t think I would ever have changed if I ate meat 2 or 3 times a week, because my injury wouldn’t have healed. I would have stayed meat based, and probably been on chronic drugs and maybe had surgery my now. Now, not everyone has health conditions, and not everyone has conditions that respond to diet, but many do, and for them, I think a test drive of the strict diet would be very effective in getting them to change.

  49. Vegan is all about the animals, you don't eat or wear them otherwise you're just a plant based eater, you're not vegan!

  50. Dr Popper is absolutely right. I have breast cancer, no way I ate as much meat or animal based product as the average person in UK. In fact I leaned the way to vegetarians. Even I find the plant based diet very challenging.

  51. Good video! Thank you. What I wonder about is the suggestion I've seen a few time by basically plant based supporters for older people–like me! I'm 72–having good animal protein once in awhile. Although I eat a lot of beans, etc., my protein keeps coming out too low on blood tests. My family doctor suggested adding turkey breast meat once or twice a week. Could we have a video about this?

  52. Animals is what people want to eat. Like she said there's no such thing as a vegan culture. We are obligate carnivores. There's no way around that fact.

  53. Birthday cake is'nt Vegan Pam!So you want to torture and kill innocent beings so you can have meat 3x a week?!

  54. That's a type of "vegan" who is inconsistent with veganism, and that is the wrong message to give to the world. In the short or long run , most people will not know how to consume a small amount of animal food on a plant based diet, they will always indulge, and veganism will be seen as unnecessary and impossible. I believe in the "all or nothing" message, and if some, willingly want to adopt the custom of having little animal food, that can be, instead, encouraged as last alternative.

  55. Exactly. Vegans need to quit proselytizing and acting holier than thou. If you act like that it just shuts people out of what you are trying to sell. I looked into a plant based diet a few years ago, and while I still have the occasional serving of meat I will go days or even weeks between meat servings and its not a big deal. I know one thing for sure and that is the fact that I will never eat meat in the ungodly amounts that I once did and I feel all the better for it. People notice my eating habits and ask how and why I do it and when I explain why I cut back so much I can see the wheels in their head begin to turn.

  56. I never quit drugs before I’m not sure how ppl who is hooked on illegal drugs how to quit them
    I feel quitting meat and dairy just like quitting drugs
    I quit all the meat at once and then quit dairy at once. All the pain on my body are gone so I’ll never go back again

  57. I eat meat/fish once a week. This means I injure myself 52 times a year. But I used to injure myself 1095 times a year. So, that's 1043 less injuries per year. Much easier to be vegan most of the time if you know you can eat meat/fish once a week, helps cope with family life, helps compliance.

  58. I’m vegan and health professional Naturopath and osteopath and Physiotherapist. I believe Pam popper is right to get a bigger market to reduce meat.

  59. Dr Popper is only wrong in accspting anyone still eating animals is ok, there can be no acceptance on ethical grounds at all.

    On health grounds she suggests a small amount of animal product may be ok but with no solid scientific evidence, just based on all the longest living group of people's generally having a little bit of animal product in their diet.

    Until there is evidence that pure vegans live less or longer than any of those diets i do not think she should be saying it is ok

  60. She isn't advocating meat, she says that it can be allowed in teeny tiny doses. She is a vegan, and she says that when folks have the health conditions that can be reversed, she would advocate for the stricter version of it. She 'does' advocate for meat free but is less strict for those who are healthy already.

  61. According To DR Joel Fuhrman who has a great deal of knowledge about both Nutrition and The overall human Body, the only Meat he recommends if you must have animal base products is Organic Free range Eggs ! He basically is saying the Planet is now Toxic and Fish is no longer a healthy food as well as the Beef industry and those slaughter houses that are depleting the environment !!!Organic Free range Omega Eggs and maybe Organic Free range Chicken and Turkey are the only ones recommended and as a side dish in your Diet !!

  62. I’m on what I call a relaxed plant based diet and all that means if I’m in a situation with friends or family and there are no perfect options, I just do the best I can.

    In 6 weeks that happened once.

    The reason I’m doing this is to live. So it’s important to me not to counter that by expect the rest of the works to cater to me in every situation.

    The only other exception I may make is if I eat out and there is a vegan option which probably is cooked in some kind of oil I will choose that over animal protein, and I may also use condiments.

    We live in such an extremist society so I try to relax when I can.

  63. Dr Popper has this comical side to her……She's right in that sense that the more people switching to a plant based diet, even if part time, the better. Personally, I am healthy, but intend to remain vegan, because I cannot stand the thought of another creature, who has every right to share this planet with us, is being slaughtered to provide food for homo sapiens.

  64. Meat on a plant-base diet is not a plant-based diet. It's like the folks who say they love animals when they eat meat.. just go away.

  65. No it’s not ok. If you give yourself excuses, you’ll never go all the way. No innocent animals deserve to die bc we don’t feel like going all the way vegan. Stop making excuses !!! These are drastic times and call for drastic measures.

  66. This is about marketing effectiveness. This can't be answered by nutritionist, dietitians, or M.D.'s. We need sociologists and statisticians to analyze which persuasive approach leads to the largest reduction on animal product consumption on a population scale and to the creation of the most vegans.

  67. That was lots of Pam and very little Dr Es. My hero, Nathan Pritikin also allowed a little bit of meat. And Dr Campbell says there are no studies to show that eating a little bit of meat is harmful. Once though one becomes all plant based for health reasons, somehow the ethical part of what these poor animals go through becomes more real.

  68. She’s annoying as a doctor. I will never go back to eating animals. They want to live. Humans are not carnivores/omnivores. I will not continue to support animal cruelty. Animals have emotions. And wow she talks sooo much.

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