So over the last few years, I have had a remarkable transformation myself from being a huge advocate of a paleo diet during my medical residency back in 2012 to now going the complete opposite direction and being a passionate whole food plant-based advocate since 2014. And the background behind this is that, unfortunately, in seven years of training, four years of medical school and three years of residency, hopefully this will change one day, but I did not receive a lot of education or classwork on nutrition. In fact, during four years of medical school, I would put it at zero. Zero hours. And so you’re just essentially left to learn whatever you do from the media or outside. And around 2012 my older brother Jonathan, he had adopted a paleo diet, and had been losing some weight with it, and I very much became spellbound by the idea that carbs are bad and that you have to cut all carbs out of your diet in order to lose weight and get healthy. And so my dad, my brother, myself, an average breakfast was eggs, sausage, ham, avocado, basically high fat, low carb. And I’m embarrassed to say I even recommended this to some of my patients. In fact, I had a diabetic patient who was on insulin, and I remember staying late after clinic trying to be a good doctor and sitting down with him for about 45 minutes to an hour counseling him on getting rid of all the carbs out of his diet and eating a high-animal-protein, high-fat diet in order to cut back on his insulin requirement. That was basically the the extreme to which it went. Fortunately, in 2014, in the summer of 2014–this was after I had finished residency–I was watching television, and I switched on to PBS. And on my screen came Dr. Joel Fuhrman. And Dr. Fuhrman was making these absolutely outrageous claims about the power of something called a whole food plant-based diet– I had never heard those four words before–about the power of a whole food plant-based diet to not just prevent but actually reverse chronic illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, And at the time it seemed totally ludicrous to me because I just was not used to hearing about the ability to reverse these. My way of thinking is that our goal is to manage them as best we can. But it warranted further investigation. And so as I do in all things in life, I basically just dove head first. And I still remember that night I watched Forks over Knives. And after that, I was so impressed by it that I poked around Netflix, and then I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, which is the Joe Cross film of his Incredible transformation. And by about 4 a.m. that day, I was a convert. I had never seen or heard anything like it. Shortly thereafter, about a month thereafter, I went to the International Plant-Based Nutrition Conference in San Diego and had the opportunity to hear from the likes of Dr. Ornish and Dr. Esselstyn and Dr. Barnard and Dr. McDougall, all these sort of titans and pioneers in the movement, and essentially, with each day that has passed since 2014, my conviction in a whole food plant-based diet as the key to health for our nation, our world has only grown stronger and stronger. And I know that I’m realizing I’m never going to look back. This is it. This is the truth. And my mission in life is to spread this simple truth as far and wide as possible to all the corners of the globe. And I think that’s– or I believe that’s what I’ll be spending the rest of my life doing. The biggest surprise for me in observing my patients who have adopted a whole food plant-based diet is that they have actually been able to not just control or manage, but reverse their chronic illness while coming off their medications. And that’s just radical and revolutionary because when I was in med school in residency, the predominant mantra was management of chronic illness no matter how many medications it took. If I had a new patient come in with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, if I could get good blood glucose control, good cholesterol control, and good blood pressure with the aid of medications such as Metformin, Glipizide, Lisinopril, Hydrochlorothiazide, and Lipitor for their cholesterol, I was considered a good doctor. And now what I’m seeing is that these same patients who come in on all these medications are able to get rid of all of them just by changing what they put at the end of their fork with better control than when they were on the medications in the first place. That’s, to me, just radical, revolutionary, and shocking. And this doesn’t even begin to touch on how much better they feel in terms of their whatever symptoms they came in struggling with, whether it was bowel issues, headaches, fatigue, low energy, bad breath, you name it. Everything seems to go in the right direction. I just gave a talk at PCRM on breaking through the weight loss plateau, and one of the patients that I shared during the presentation is Robert, who in 2014 weighed 298 pounds, had blood pressure in the 140s over 90s, and was taking multiple medications, including an antidepressant, an inhaler for his asthma, a powerful blood pressure medication called Norvasc, and a cholesterol-lowering medication. And he was very sedentary, not moving around very much. Well, he went to a wedding, and saw the pictures that came back from the wedding, and said, “You know what? I’ve had it.” And at this point he had tried many diets. He had tried Medifast. He had tried Atkins. He tried the juice diet. He would always get these short-term results, and ultimately, a few months later, put back on the weight. But when he saw the pictures from this wedding he decided, “You know what? I’ve had it. I can’t do this anymore.” And he learned about a whole food plant-based diet, and he went all in. He did not hold back. He didn’t sort of dip his toes in the water. He jumped in head first. And I had the privilege of seeing him in 2016 at True North, and I took a picture of him that I showed in my presentation of him weighing 173 pounds now, down from 298 pounds. He looks like a completely different person. His blood pressure is in the 110s over 70s. But most notable of all, he’s off every single one of his medications. He’s off his blood pressure lowering medications, his cholesterol medication. He’s off his antidepressant. And he’s off of his asthma inhaler. And when I took the picture of him, he was just about to go for his 5 mile run that he does every day. He’s just one example of the kind of patient transformations that I see and have the privilege of witnessing on a daily basis. One of the most common mistakes that people make when they’re trying to eat a healthy plant-based diet is that they still get into certain plant-based foods that are high in caloric density such as nuts and seeds and sugar, table sugar, maple syrup, and breads and crackers and cereals. And it’s not that these foods are bad in and of themselves– I eat all of those foods–but a lot of people will eat them to sort of a unhealthy extent and eat less of the fruits, the vegetables, the legumes: beans, peas, lentils, and the whole grains. And really I want them to focus more on that end of the caloric density scale and be eating less from some of the higher calorie dense foods Dried fruit is another example. If we take dried fruit, the average caloric density of dried fruit is around 1400-1500 calories per pound. Compare that with real fruit which is less than 300 calories per pound. Even though it’s made from the same thing, it’s a huge difference in terms of caloric density. And that can prevent people from achieving their weight loss goals or achieving their healthy weight. Well, unfortunately I think that one of the biggest misconceptions in the mainstream news media now is this whole low-carb, ketogenic, high-fat movement. And, you know, my mentor and one of my heroes, Dr. McDougall, puts it best. “People love to hear good news about their bad habits.” I love that quotation because it really does capture it. I mean, when someone’s saying eat as much butter, steak, fried chicken as you want because it’s filled with fat and low in carbs, then that’s news that people want to hear. And unfortunately, the media is going crazy with it. So I think that is doing a huge injustice to the health of not just our nation but our world. And we have our work cut out for us in the whole food plant-based movement. It’s one of the reasons that I truly believe in my heart of hearts that– I’m 40 right now– but, you know, God willing, 40 years from now when I’m 80 I’m still going to be doing this. That’s how big of an issue this is. That’s how much work there is to be done, and that’s how sick we are as a world. So hopefully, 40 years from now, the low-carb, high-fat movement will be a thing of the past.


  1. Yeah and there are former plant based who go keto or paleo. These types always go from one extreme to another. The truth is your body is the best expert and listening to it is what everyone needs to do. Another truth to keep in mind : not one lifestyle works for everyone.

  2. I love this story.. Me too!! Watched the same documentaries Dr. Lim did and did a 180 degree diet and lifestyle flip.. I am 54 and have never felt better. Never going back. Whole food plant based diet for life!!! Live Well Friends 🙂

  3. My dr went wfpb after he had a heart attack back in 2007. He tells patients to make the transition to improve their overall health. Living proof

  4. As soon as I hear the word movement, I step back and think ideology. That's not to say what the good doctor is saying is wrong. It just makes me question his motivations and the rhetoric that's being pushed.

    A red flag is the lack of training in nutrition. With little knowledge to anchor you, you're suceptible to pervasive ideas. Nutrition is a very complicated subject and has been too politicized as of late. Be wary and do your own research. Rather than take everything at face value. Even if it's from a doctor.

  5. So many contradicting information and some of it is coming from doctors or health professionals or nutritionist etc. No one it seems really knows what is and isn't good for us. Folks in the meditaranian eat lots of meat, pasta, veg, and fruit and they live to a good old age.

  6. I think he is a fake and he is just trying to stop us from eating meat. He doesn't look young for his age, he looks 40 to me and he doesn't look any healthier than an ordinary person on a standard diet.

  7. Don't you just kind off get the feeling we're just guniea pigs for some scientist carrying out a mass guinea pig experiment on the entire human race, getting folks on YouTube etc to tell us about different diets that are suppose to be the best for us when the truth is its just to get as many folks on as many different diets as possible just so these scientists can see what really is good for us and until they've completed their mass guniea pig experiment on us we're not gonna know for sure what's good for us. Why is there so much contradicting information about foods. After watching videos, documataries and reading stuff here is what information I've heard and read so far. Fats, meats, fruits, pastas, oils, grains, nuts, plants, chocolate is good for us / not good for us. So which is it? Or is there a conspiracy to keep us guessing or perhaps to keep us busy or to spend our hard earned money on books and videos etc. Maybe it's just a business and some business people are just capitalizing on this health trend so they make this health stuff up to sell us books, videos, etc and to make us watch boring ads so they can make more money when we click on the adds and buy their stuff.

  8. Just another health nut! Says nothing concrete, so you have to watch more of his talks. He's appearing dried out and pooped.

  9. Where's the science? Explain the science. Why is meat bad? Why is cholesterol bad? A doctor should have better arguments for switching overnight

  10. You are too easily swayed. You'll be back. Especially when you find you can't live without going to the pharmacy for your meds.

  11. My dad always say: "if im a man who can make a desicion, i am a man who can change my mind too"

    Sounds more awesome in norwegian""if im a man of decision, Im also a man of re-deciding…"

    Just wanted to say that I have a lot of respect for people who openly take a stance and openly dare to challenge their own set ways

  12. ??lost over 100 lbs no more high blood pressure no more diabetes!!! Mom too!! Had 3 stroke and heart attack now no more medicines from the devil big Pharma!!! Juice juice and juice raw for life!!!!!

  13. I’m A Westlake Hospital Warrior one of seven that were laid off for being a whistleblower in exposing Pipeline! Check my channel out! I juice for life not for death and illness!

  14. …..and then I watched the video of them beating cows and decided veganism is the way. This "doctor" has been compromised by PETA.

  15. From ancient times people had been eating whole food, fruits, berries, meat (sure, but not every day!), milk – only for babies/kids, grains (sure-but not as processed and heavily processed products). Extremes are not good. All this goodies on the planet are given for our satisfaction and enjoyment. The key is moderation and probably combination (as in the book FIT for LIFE).

  16. Whole food is like brown rice or cereals with crust, they have crust, which grinds in your stomach and damages it eventually. What if this respectful doctor is again in the wrong track? Also WFPB diet has not enough protein because there is no meat involved, it is vegeterian.

  17. This guy comes across as a perfect representative for plant-based diets. He’s reasonable, personable, has experienced other diets in the past, and is very highly educated. So many people on plant-based diets (and especially vegans) are demonised as nutjobs and cultists – but people like Dr Lim go a long way to dispelling that image. Thank you, sir!

  18. Word is getting around fast now on plant base diet and it's enormous bennefits. Rest assured. For each success for one individual will share his or her success with others. The ones that take up on plant base diet will bennefit. The ones that won't, will end up suffering the consequenses. ?????‍♂️??

  19. i wish people say you have to find diet that works for you, and people really have to be careful with statements. Like for me i cant tolerate too much veggies, and most of them i cant eat i just get sick. My grandparents eat mostly meat and dairy and they are 97 and 95, and i can tell for me best diet is higher meat diet, moderate fat, mostly animal, because i cant tolerate olive oil, avocado oil and coconut oil, and lower carb. I dont really like meat personally but thats what works great for me, i feel good i look good and my stomach feel good. I think people have to say hey lets find diet that works for you that is whole foods, traditionally prepared organic. I kind of follow weston a price diet but my version, i dont tolarate dairy and eggs well, but meat agrees with me. I have organ meats, mostly liver, because i noticed hearts usually bother me a bit. I think avocados are great for you and they taste so good I love them, but they dont agree with me at all. So yeah I hate this statements how this diet is good this diet is bad, this is super food this is not. Every food is super food for someone but poison for someone else, you have to find what works for you and learn to listen to your body. Like for me takes like 5-6 days to start reacting to some food. So i would eat sauerkraut and will feel great, than day 6 will get rush on my thighs and never could make connection what is coming from I always thought was from chlorine and spandex because i was swimmer trough the college, but than when i started elimination diet i figure it out it was sauerkraut, i couldnt believe and I ate it whole my life, was such a staple in our house. Thats just one example, and took so long to dial my diet, i still eat sauerkraut sometimes but not as often, and now i know how i will react. I discovered so many things with my body with elimination diet. Anyways one thing i noticed is that i never reacted in any way to meat. I was on carnivore diet for 3 months and i felt better than ever in my life, but i dont think thats the way to go too, its a great tool for eliminating foods that bothers you, but yeah find your diet, i think thats the best advice.

  20. Strong to tell this wonderfull story of the power of whole food plant based food –
    many years ago I tried high protein for a shorter period of time but it did not heal my migraines, but just 10 days on a simple whole food starch-plant based diet and for the first time in years I was totally free of my migraines – my energy became rocket high and I know by try and error that this is the foods of aliveness and total well being
    Thank you for this very strong narrative – hopefully it can inspire a lot of people –

  21. Can anyone tell me which are the films he mention in netflix I couldnt catch them. Sorry not an English native speaker. Thanls.

  22. Discover plant based Diet in Sacred Scripture we apply Divine help hand in hand. In the GENESIS nothing that has Blood must be EATEN then turn for information to Life and the God Given world around us at home and international.Joy.

  23. Doctors are only good for emergencies which they really do save lives unfortunately that's all they are good for

  24. Finally someone with some logic you can't try to add fat to lose fat you'll make your body rancid and increase acidity soooooooo a whole plant based diet is the way to go merge with early intermittent fasting.

  25. Why would a doctor advocate "plant based"? Does that mean I should eat any plant, and as long as it isnt meat, I'll be healthier? are you saying I could live off celery alone and be healthy? What about if all I ate is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the rest of my life? Would I live longer? This doctor never says which plant…but different plants have different nutritional profiles…arent nutrients important? Theres no mention of how to get a full nutritional profile on this vague ass vegan diet….theres more nutrition in a steak than any plant on earth…this guy is being disingenuous

  26. This video is stupid, the Paleo Ketogenic Diet is not a true Ketogenic Diet, PKD is a diet where you eat very low carbs and EQUAL AMOUNT of protein and fat. Anyone who has done a second of research will know that a true KG diet is low carbs, MODERATE protein, and high fat. If you eat to much protein you're body is literally transforming it into carbs thus completely making the diet useless. It's a mistake many people do and why they swear the diet doesn't work.

    PS: You are getting your info on a channel that is 100% biased and probably intentional confusing their audience with the similar but different diets that is PKD and KD so that their vegan diet seems better, I'm yet to see anyone with actual convincing arguments against Keto.

    PSS: I'm also not saying that vegan diet wont work, it probably will you are still leaving behind sugars and processed foods and are more likely to exercise if you have the will power to do this.

  27. Dr your twisting the truth about ketogenic diet buddy.

    It’s low carb 20-50 grams a day. Moderate healthy organic protein of 3-6 Ounce per meal with high amount of salad and veggies equaling 4700mg of potassium and 400mg of magnesium. Healthy Fats recommended are avocado and coconut mostly. butter in moderation.

    Dr Berg has a lot of success with diabetes autoimmune blood pressure and cholesterol & weight loss

    I’m vegan whole plant based, and a Naturopathic Dr myself, these Drs don’t understand that different people require different diets and like my wife vegan doesn’t help her at all. She needs eggs and Buffalo dairy feta cheese and yogurt.

    Metabolic typing is individual biochemistry.

    I test my patients in the clinic and some thrive on organic meat fish eggs and others thrive on cheese

    I don’t believe anyone Dr has all the answers.

    This dr stating on ketogenic diet you can eat fried chicken and as much protein as you like is misinforming the public.

    High protein intake will spike insulin as much as high carb diet. Fat is the only thing that doesn’t spike insulin

    Get your facts right Dr or get off YouTube

  28. A ketogenic diet has its place. A fried chicken diet is not low carb. A paleo diet can be plant based. A ketogenic diet is not a paleo diet. And some people do a vegetarian KETO diet. This video confirms you don’t know much about these diets at all. Cutting out processed foods, refined carbohydrates such as flour, rice, and sugars including honey and syrups WILL GUARANTEE BETTER HEALTH no matter which diet you are on. But some people w health issues can correct their health much more quickly using a ketogenic diet and fasting. If you don't have health issues, then a whole food plant based diet w small portions of healthy meats/fish is the ideal diet.

  29. So I got 2:07 in and red flag ? came up. Keto is not high protein. Why? Because it burns like sugar. Your body will turn the protein into glucose. Instead of eggs ham sausage and avocado for breakfast for his insulin resistant patient, he should have recommended skipping breakfast and eating: eggs, avocado, sausage, bullet proof coffee and 4 cups of kale or spinach salad with olive oil and braggs ACV dressing for lunch.

  30. Plants will clean your blood – no argument there. But tissue is made of essential amino acids (protein) and essential fatty acids (healthy fat). There are no essential carbs. Skin is made of saturated fat. Your brain is fat. Sugar will not heal connective tissue. I tried going plant based (paleo) mainly because of the influence of my church. Never felt worse in my life. Once I cut out the fruit, I began to excel and repair my body. Ketones are just so clean and efficient.
    Typical dinner: rice up some cauliflower, cabbage, little bit of carrot, and briefly heat in a pan (cast iron) with 2 tablespoon salted butter. Add jalapeño sauce. Crack 2 eggs in separate pan (with butter) and scramble up with fork. Add to your veggies + nutritional yeast & salt. While you’re eating that, grill up a strip steak (grass fed from the local co op) and plate 4 cups of kale salad (Dino kale is my fav). Don’t forget to take your betaine in between the 2 courses – you need acid to break down the food and absorb needed minerals.

  31. I considered the Paleo diet, but it is just a fancy name for an expensive food diet.
    If it was a true PALEO diet, we would not be eating duck, we would be eating dinosaur.
    Just a fancy name for another fad diet.
    Diet's usually forget to mention exercise, and exercise equipment generally forgets to mention diet. And both are necessary to lose or maintain weight.

  32. It's amazing that this fool actually thinks he's devised a diet that is superior to the palaeolithic diet that allowed homosapiens to evolve and thrive. The perfect human diet was designed by evolution over tens of thousands of years and it was the opposite to to what this guy is advocating. You need to look to what our ancestors ate and thrived on throughout the history of our species if you want the truth. Who is this guy to dispute that

  33. A few years from now will be another video of him talking about how he is now a pescatarian and added fish to his diet. A few years after he will then do another video saying that he was craving meat and so he now eats meat from time to time. And then in 10 years from now he will come out with his own special diet book on how to eat properly based on his experiences in the last 10 years

  34. That's all fine and dandy for you and one third of the world's population that are carb sensitive. HOWEVER, two thirds of the population and I myself are carb resistant and NEED the keto diet. I tried vegetarianism for over a year. I got sick. I thought that it was the eggs and dairy so I went to veganism for a year and I got sicker still. ONLY the ketogenic diet made me better and took me from bedridden to able to function.

  35. He doesn't explain why he believed carbs were bad and then goes on to explain all the benefits of plant based which essentially mirrors what keto advocates say. I think plant based and keto can drop weight but ultimately keto is better.

  36. "I was eating keto" eats mostly procesed meat ( ham, sausages) sorry but that's not a ketogenic diet

  37. Cholesterol-reducing medications often cause type 2 diabetes so being able to stop those is a big plus.

  38. So he ridicules & misrepresents a diet that he isn't selling to his patients… and we're meant to believe that he's not full of shit!

  39. Theres no whole food in the plant based diet… cyclical keto with seasonal whole foods, including meats, is what a body needs…..and that low carb diet will reverse all the diseases a vegan diet does

  40. If you experiment with raw meat only and raw plants you will see how easy raw meat digests. I wish it wasn't true, but it is. You can get all your nutrition with raw meat and not with raw plants. Plant based diets are deficient and can not be done without supplementing. This is from a person who wishes this was not true.

  41. through socialized health insurance I even pay for the misinformation and mistreatment of chronically disease that are completely inefficient and paired with unnecessary suffering. chronical diseases are a cash cow, and a lot of health expert politicians aim for jobs in the industry after their political career, so everybody wins – except for the 99%.

  42. This man obviously doesn't like the ketogenic diet, but he doesn't say why, or show any proof that it's bad for you. I've been on the keto diet for five months now, lost heaps of weight, blood pressure is back to normal and my blood sugar has gone from pre-diabetic to normal. He also does not mention the fact that carbohydrates are different sugar molecules combined
    (eg fructose, lactose etc) nor does he say anything of the effects on the body running on sugar compared to running on ketones. I think he needs to watch alot more docos.

  43. My go to doctors have been Dr Joel Furhman, Dr Jason Fung, Dr Eric Berg… There are others but these are honorable mentions. Remember, he said he was on Paleo – not KETO and IF.

    KETO and IF if done properly will give the weight loss results most people want.

    Do the research yourself, all 3 doctors I mentioned can be found here on YouTube.

  44. MD’s are doctors of pathology drugs and surgery only. Drs of natural medicine are like osteopaths chiropractors Naturopaths herbalists acupuncturists homeopathic drs.

    Only useful thing for MD’s is trauma and bacteria infection. Anything else your grandmother will know more about nutrition

  45. I tried a Keto diet a number of times and was very, very ill as a result (vomiting within a week, yellow by day 10). Three weeks ago I cut out meat (ALL animal, bird no sea creatures), dairy and wheat – and quite frankly the results have been a pretty dramatic improvement in many, many ways. (BP, pulse rate, allergies, skin, intestinal comfort, toilet habits, hormonal, calmness, gout, fibromyalgia, pain, joint issues and other areas as well). I will never go back to an animal-based diet again by choice.

  46. First problem is Big Pharma and the anti-depressant. Get some sun, move, and stop eating meat and dairy. Seems simple!

  47. Survival of the fittest – keep eating that sausage and bacon, Keto freaks. See you in the hospital, later – you have been suckers for social media advertising.

  48. Horrible migraines and acne when I was younger – I know it was totally linked to meat and dairy.

  49. u need to spread & preach about the lies government & big pharma continuously perpetuate. Its not just plant based foods, although that is ur bias but there is also nothing wrong with keto or paleo. ALL highly based nutritional foods can cure, its nutrition & not favoring one diet over another.

  50. Wished my gf would see this and be more open minded on plant base as another option. She is sold and jumped on the Keto bandwagon bc she heard a few of her friends lost weight on it. Plus eating the same way for over 30 years, does make it hard to change a complete 180. But if anyone actually looks into if to have a better understanding and why, then maybe they'll be more reluctant to switching over.

  51. I’ve been eating paleo for over a week now and am sick with paleo flu and a horrible brain fog. How can this be healthy when my body is plainly telling me how wrong it is? I was vegan for 9 months and felt fantastic. Why am I doing this to myself? This made me realize how wrong I am. Going on a juice fast tomorrow and back on plant-based after this. Time to feel wonderful again.

  52. Paleo does not equal Keto diet and Keto can be whole food and plant based. Not sure why people make these artificial distinctions.

  53. as a person previously on the ketogenic diet, its not high fat high protein its high fat MODERATE PROTEIN carbs under 50 grams per day. I am transitioning to plant based because the meat industry. When chicken wings look like Turkey wings something is wrong. There are some great doctors out there. Its not there responsibility to make you happy/healthy. PS. people do like to hear good news about there bad habbits. What makes me concerned is all of the children who are on RITALIN. The plant based lifestyle is the answer.

  54. My life long depression went away and IBS cured after quiting all sugars (even starchy foods which turns into sugar in the body) and fiber! Doctors told me since I was 10 years old to eat lots and lots of fiber for my IBS and the constant stomach ache and constipation only went away last year, 33 years later! Diet is extremely important and doctors have a huge responsibility to not mislead people. Luckily with the WWW in today's day and age; ignorance is a choice! #LCHF

  55. I think the medical community will be kicking itself for failing to realize how flexible and adaptable our bodies are. Their dogmas keep swinging from herbivore to carnivore. The fact remains that you can be a keto vegan, though it takes work. It’s easier to be a keto ovolactovegetarian, but that’s not very flashy.

    All these diets are variations on the same thing: avoiding processed foods and sugar. Basing your diet on plants has more to do with ethics than health.

    Do it. Animals are cute.

  56. Doctor talking for 11 min with no scientific backing. It's amazing how much power titles give us. He's only talking about overweight patients. Of corse these kinds of patients got better on a plant based diet, there are hardly any calories in carotts. He could as well have said "I advise low calorie foods to my overweight patients". But that doesn't mean a plant based diet will bring you the nutriments you need to be healthy. This video is absolutly not educational, it's just propaganda.

  57. Congratulations Dr. Lim on discovering the truth and helping your patients incorporate it into their lives.

    Thank you for your open mindedness

  58. He lost me @9:58 …no keto philosopher advises to eat fried chicken…the video was credible from his point of view as a WFPBD believer, but it's clear to me he is not as educated as he thinks on the keto POV.

  59. I don't get it keto worked wonders for me. Best physique I've ever had. Just don't eat refined carbs and get proper macros for your lifestyle

  60. We tested and reviewed the Keto diet — beware Keto is dangerous in the long run —- implicated in cancer and heart disease

  61. It really is amazing that no one esp docs are taught to think scientifically and read research. They are depending on television or hearsay to treat their patients!

  62. What? He was never on a Paleo diet if he mistakenly believes it is a no carb diet, it’s a No Man made carb diet. Big difference and meat is 20 % ( grass fed only) veggies 80%. He definitely needs to go back to school.

  63. Absolute of bullshit, full of lies and mislead facts ?????? Too much study and little or cero experience as nutrition ???????

  64. Thankfully, I've never had to contend with losing "a lot of weight" over the years. My weight issues have generally trended around trying to lose 6-8 pounds, getting from 174 down to 167/168. I've tried the Keto diet and found it worked for me. The operative word is "me." There are a number of success stories tied to Keto as there are those who went the Paleo direction or Atkins…etc..etc…Dr. Lim, though imminently qualified to talk about such issues, goes down the same flawed path as every other person who advocates a specific dietary plan. There is no such thing as a "one-size-fits-all dietary regime. While I don't eat butter with every fork of high fat food..(personally I think that's excessive irrespective of whatever you're trying to do) I do eat high fat foods. However, I do so in moderation and ONLY WHEN I feel hungry. The high fat diet has reduced my hunger pangs and eliminated my sugar cravings. Of those on the Keto that "fail" are the one's who continue to eat calorie dense carbs while on a Keto plan. It's interesting that Dr. Lim mentions "Forks Over Knives" and the other videos. These are fairly rigid nutrition plans as well!!! I recommend that everyone find what works for them and stick with it..but dedicate yourself to whatever you choose.

  65. theres NO training in nutrition in med school BECAUSE big pharma DOESNT WANT people to get informed re diet n GET WELL bc their DRUG INDUSTRY would then become redundant ie nobody wd be sick anymore and nobody would buy drugs or need operations to temporarily allieviate the symptoms of the devastation that a high acid animal food diet wreaks upon the human body, whos very type n number of teeth indicates what our Creator intended us to eat to start with! humans have 95% grinding teeth 2.5% side canine teeth and 2.5% biting teeth….hmmm….

  66. The SDA Church was given this health message in the 1800’s by God’s inspiration. He gave us his foods for health and healing ❤️??

  67. This is just common sense, nothing new at all to people who eat a balanced diet. If you eat a typical western diet of processed junk then yes, this might be revolutionary.

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