Why is Fiber Important for us? | #aumsum

Why is Fiber Important for us? | #aumsum

It’s AumSum Time. Why is Fiber Important for us? Coz I said so. Naahhh. Fiber or roughage is an essential plant-based
nutrient. When consumed in adequate amounts, fiber provides
us the following benefits. Firstly, fiber is good for our large intestine. Why? When fiber reaches our large intestine. It is broken down by millions of bacteria,
producing short-chain fatty acids. These acids are a source of energy for the
cells of our large intestine. Secondly, certain fibers help us avoid heart
related diseases. By keeping our blood glucose levels in check. In our stomach, these fibers dissolve in water. And form a gel-like substance which holds
the food together. This slows down digestion and delays the rate
of glucose absorption into our blood. Thus preventing unnecessary spikes in the
blood glucose. Thirdly, high fiber foods are more filling. Hence, we end up consuming less calories,
which is beneficial for weight loss. Lastly, some fibers also help in bowel movements,
relieving constipation.

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  2. #AumSum, What if we accidentally drink ink ?

    Please make video on it
    Those who want video on this topic click

  3. Is hot water good for head bath & relation between vitamin E and tissues in our body make a video on this aum sum!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Aumsum now I'm eating every day 1 kiwi ( sometimes more other foods ) and now of i go to the toilet I don't have pain in butt thanks for the tip

  5. Narrator: Is too much fiber bad for us

    Aumsum *No*, too much question is bad of us
    Me: …….

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