Why Low Fat Diets Are Destroying Your Teeth!

Why Low Fat Diets Are Destroying Your Teeth!

What historical moment would you say has had the most influence on our dental health? The invention of the toothbrush?
The dental drill? Water fluoridation? Well what if I were to tell you that it’s
been neither of them? Our diet has had the biggest influence on our dental health. When we take a step back on a population level we see the dental disease has only existed at the levels we know today since the Industrial
Revolution. That’s when large-scale changes through
our food supply occurred. But there has been an even more destructive moment for our teeth. The introduction of the low fat diet recommendations. Since its inception into policy in the 1970s we’ve seen a systemic replacement of traditional Whole Foods and we’ve replaced them with low fat processed and packaged foods. It was fueled by the idea that low fat was healthy, but we’ve now known that that was a huge mistake. We’ve replaced natural fats with sugar. Our sugar consumption means that tooth decay is still the most common chronic disease in children. But we also began to consume white flour and vegetable oils. During this time the type-2 diabetes and obesity epidemic have practically sprung up out of nowhere. But here’s why the low-fat dietary recommendations were the most influential for our dental health: We’ve effectively stripped the nutrients
that create healthy bones and teeth. A low-fat diet is low in fat soluble
vitamins. Vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin k2 are packaged in natural fatty foods which we’ve deemed unhealthy. Without dietary fat, our body can’t absorb these nutrients and it also can’t package and send them around the body. Our dietary recommendations desperately need to be shifted back to build healthy teeth. In The Dental Diet we’ll explore how to get back to eating for healthy teeth. It’s based on reprogramming the mouth for a whole body health and that includes preventing braces through diet. It’s time to recognize that the real truth to
better health is in our teeth

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