Why This Vegan Diet Can Cause Cancer-Dr John McDougall

Why This Vegan Diet Can Cause Cancer-Dr John McDougall

We’ve known since the 1970’s that there
is a very strong correlation between the consumption of total fat and many different cancers and
a well founded correlation between animal fat consumption and cancer and in particular
lymphoma, breast, prostate and colon cancer. However there is powerful scientific evidence
that also shows a connection between the growth of cancer and a “healthy plant based food”
and the growth of cancer which often features heavily in a vegan diet So now let’s hear
as Dr John McDougall tells us what this food is and why some people on vegan diets could
be at serious risk of developing cancer because of it. This clip is taken from Dr McDougall’s presentation
entitled Diet in the Prevention and Treatment of Common Cancers. The link to the whole presentation is in the
description below…..This actually started in the 1920’s with this guy called Tannenbaum. Tannenbaum in his experiments on animals showed
that if you feed animals fat then they grow all kinds of different cancers, very rapidly. This is established fact, and then a guy called
Kenneth Carroll he published some research in 1975 really important, he did experiments
and these were again on animals, animal are relevant sorry some of you feel very strongly
against animal experimentation. He found that polyunsaturated fats these are
vegetable fats more strongly influenced the growth of cancer than animal fats did. So he did experiments on various kinds of
animals, in this case on rats and he fed them a little amount of vegetable oil about 3%
sunflower oil, they didn’t grow very many tumors, fed them a little coconut oil not
very much tumors. Fed them lard, tallow, animal fat there are
the first three bars. And then what Carroll did was he added just
a tiny bit of vegetable fat and that’s your fourth bar there and look what happened to
tumor growth. You see Kenneth Carroll knew and investigators
should know and the truth is, that fat promotes cancer but vegetable fat is even more tumor
promoting than is animal fat. Kenneth Carroll published this in 1975 he
looked at tumor growth in various animals and he looked at the effect of sunflower oil
and cotton seed oil and excuse me the third bar is olive oil! You can grow great tumors on olive oil yes
you can, these vegetable fats are very tumor promoting. I’m not talking about the 4% vegetable fat
in beans or the 5% fat that’s in rice or the 1% fat that’s in potatoes. I’m talking about a bottle of health food
olive oil or safflower oil or corn oil that’s what we’re talking about here. So we’ve know for 30,40, 50 years that fat
promotes cancer, vegetable fat promotes cancer growth in a number of cancers even more effectively
than does animal fat and that’s what the truth is. Eating fat promotes cancer, eating animal
food promotes cancer, eating a natural plant food based diet with no added vegetable oils
is the way you prevent cancer and the way you change the course of this disease .It’s
important to note that when Dr McDougall talked about vegetable fat he was referring to refined
vegetable oils such as safflower, sunflower, corn, rapeseed, coconut, palm and olive oil
not healthy whole plant fats such as avocado, nuts and seeds. Anecdotal evidence that supports these findings
is also found in Dr Max Gerson’s work. The highly esteemed cancer doctor found that
all oils with the exception of flax seed oil stimulated tumor growth and even the regrowth
of tumors that had resolved.

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  1. Stop with this stuff!! We need people transitioning to a vegan diet not making videos like this deterring them. Our planet is being destroyed as we speak

  2. I find it interesting that YEARS ago, people ate meat, vegs, etc with no mention of cases after cases of cancer. Today, if you don't chew your food 30 times before swallowing, you get cancer…. According to these videos all over YouTube, just about all foods and water cause cancer….

  3. Diet high in CBD and THC depending on the route of administration not so much.
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  4. The way he expresses fats versus oils is unnecessarily confusing, that is my problem with Dr. Mcdougall. Many times in his lectures, he has gone back in Q&A's to clarify his statements.

  5. I heard you say, “Refined” is unrefined oils such as coconut excluded from causing tumors?

    Your channel has amazing content ☝️

  6. I'm laughing so hard at this video. XD Fat WITH carbs set you up for cancer. Fat alone doesn't UNLESS it's trans fat. You people need to get your stuff together and become informed.

  7. Great Video, Thank You Soo Much!
    We need to know the facts even if they are sometimes shocking 🍉🥝🍒🍍🥔🥦

  8. nope! sorry you've gone too far! As a WFPB vegan, if you tell me to stop using coconut oil which is used to reverse Alzheimer's and olive oil which is the pillar of the Mediterranean diet, I will not do it! And I don't wanna live for ever, just to live some healthy years!!!!!🤬

  9. Could our high consumption of vegetable fat be a reason why some of us eventually don't feel good going 100% plant based? I might try it again without all the oils!!!!!

  10. Flax seed oil isn't bad because it is the only one which is not genetically modified yet or drenched in pesticides!!!!!!!!!! The BT toxin put inside the corn kernal is horrible in the oil form, but when the kernal itself is consumed then the BT toxin is healthy? 95% of corn is GMO

  11. I focus on a vegan whole plants foods oil free diet. Oil is a processed junk food just like white rice, pasta, animal products, flours etc.

  12. How bad that the videos are not translated into other languages! So I can not send to other people, which speak german, spanish and chinese

  13. Dr. McDougall does not like avocados if you watch other videos of his he says to eat avocados as a treat once in a while unfortunately I have avocado or guacamole or something like that in my vegetarian diet probably four times a week I use it as a spice almost.. but according to dr. McDougall that's not good so darned if you do darned if you don't.

  14. Makes a lot of sense since oil promotes angiogensis (fat storage) extremly concentrated in fat. Extremly many calories. 2ndly eating calories creates metabolically induced oxidative stress and
    the more calories you take in the more antioxidants you need. So if u get no antioxidants and create a lot of oxidative stress that's very bad. But these rats where not fed any protective plant food which is quite intresting to know. But still this still proves that oils is very dangerous and that one perhaps shouldn't overconsume nuts or seeds. However 2 – 3 ounces of nuts/seeds of the nuts and seeds group has only been found to be beneficial.

    Although John Mcdougall is not eating any nuts and seeds because he can't control himself. However he has said that if you can eat a little of them if you can control yourself.

  15. Well to be perfectly honest, in my humble opinion, of course without offending. anyone who thinks differently from my point of view, but also by looking into this matter in a different perspective and without being condemning of one's view's and by trying to make it objectified, and by considering each and every one's valid opinion, I honestly believe that I completely forgot what I was going to say.

  16. You can't just cite literally one study from decades ago with not even tested with humans and not that many subjects and then draw a conclusion


  18. The narrator told us that Max Gerson Had found that all oils with the exception of flax oil stimulate tumor growth.
    It’s important to note that while ground flax seeds help fight prostate cancer, flax oil promotes cancer. Most things that either harm or help prostate cancer have the same effect on breast cancer and vice versa.

  19. So glad I watched this..it shocked me right out of using oil with my veggies ..i didn't much but I'm stopping completely now

  20. When he is discussing oils, is there a distinction to be made between cooking with oil vs not?

    For example I do use sunflower oil in my bean salads, but I never cook with it. Does this apply to oil in general regardless of how you use it?

  21. The problem is not even just the ethical perspective, it's the practical perspective which is methodology. They tested nonhuman animals to determine such result. That is the problem when trying to prove such result existing on humans. Don't get me wrong. We are animals, but not all animals are humans which invalidates these results by design. Not sorry McDougall. Furthermore, don't get me wrong, I am not promoting processed foods especially oils, I am just merely criticising the flawed methodology being conflicted among both human and nonhuman animals.

  22. I wonder why Plant based science London does its best to create confusion with outdated studies? Some examples of more recent studies show that there is nothing wrong with most vegetable oils (especially Coconut and Olive Oil!) Https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4030221/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29420053 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25274026 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24775425 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29708409

  23. I am down to 1 TBSP organic extra virgin olive oil per salad (Swank diet) with Balsamic vinegar, thinking of it still as a Biblical staple and thinking it still must be healthy in moderation. Is the ancient practice of making olives into oil really that bad for you, all things considered? Even so, I have experimented a little with nut and seed salad dressings made fresh in the blender. But olive oil is definitely more convenient. What about flaxseed oil with Balsamic?

  24. Stressing about every nutrient that goes in your body causes cancer too. Stress is heavily correlated with cancer. All my grandparents smoked, drank, ate meat dairy & eggs and they’re in their late 80’s. People worry so much about every nutrient in their food and still always worry more about what they eat than the ones that eat unhealthy diets. I know more unhealthy people that live to old age than I know any healthy people. I’m not saying you should live unhealthy but simply take a chill pill relax and stop worrying about cancer and heart disease especially if your family has little to no history of disease. 90% of people will do just fine on a regular Whole Foods vegan diet even if they indulge in unhealthy fattening treats from time to time!

  25. This study was done with isolated oils and should be redone with whole animal foods and vegan foods such as nuts and avocados. I have a strong feeling and other studies have indicated that the results would be very different.

  26. Not that I'm pro a high-fat diet, but I don't want people to be afraid of healthful vegan foods. Glad the narrator points this out at the end.

  27. Since most processed, isolated nutrients seem problematic, I wonder if vegan protein powders could potentially cause health issues, too?

  28. Avocado, nuts and seeds = not healthy whole plant fats?!? what are then the healthy whole plant fats? plz explain me i'm so confused 🙁

  29. Where does peanut butter (the variety with no sugar or added oils) fall in the continuum? Is it closer to refined fat or whole food?

  30. I put out a note of precaution: We all know the posibility of misleading and fallacious conclusion of animal studies pushed to to the extreme to support clinical conclusions. Dr Mc Dougall´s winds of affirmations may not hold varacious facts.

  31. Not saying that oil is a health food but, Asians eat tons of vegetable oil and their cancer rates are much lower than western countries. They do eat more vegetables though, so I wonder if the veggies offset the fat.

  32. Avoid all Processed Oil period including Plant Based oils in food prep
    learn to cook hot meals with herbs and spices and water
    it isnt hard and food tastes great
    A Mediterranean diet has lots of olive oil but they get protection from the consumption of of of fruits and veggies
    that is interesting to note
    Oil isnt Food

  33. I have been living thinking olive oil fresh on salad not cooked is really healthy for you and I thought cooking with coconut oil was your best option. I'm going to do some research because I can't trust any information given out about food not even this video unfortunately. Plus people could just create fake clinical studies to push an agenda…sometimes I can't with this world

  34. @plant based science London, why don't you use the real video clips in your vids?
    Im sure the ones you use wouldn't mind it one bit.

  35. It seems logical to consider how the fat in plant food comes to us in nature, because we thrived on nature as it was up to now. It seems that the easiest fat to get was seeds, and then softer shelled nuts and then harder shells. We'd avoid food sources that used a lot of energy to get into unless we had nothing else. So coconut grows way high up in trees, has a rock hard shell and contains a Lot of fibre in its natural state, so not surprised that it's not very suitable for us in large amounts. Avocados used to have a lot less flesh on them, so we'd have to find quite a few to get the same amount of fat as in today's avos. So we're ok with some by the looks of it, but keep its packaging of fibre.

  36. Veg oil is more dangerous then animal fat …ok ….scare monger…make the diet so restrictive no one can do it …how about suggesting to keep oil low as possible . Animal fat is both trans fat and saturated….I think much worse then say a small amount of walnut or olive oil

  37. To what degree does a whole food plant-base diet offset the potential risks of vegetable oil? In some cases, adding a little oil may in fact increase the absorption of fat-soluble anti-cancer compounds in our food. According to pubmed, there are epidemiological studies suggesting that olive oil intake is associated with a reduced risk of cancer.
    "Olives and olive oil in cancer prevention."
    "Olive oil: The key to curing cancer?"

    While I appreciate Dr John McDougall's insights, I find his conclusions are often too one-sided. In the future, I suggest you fact check John's arguments by searching pubmed. Thanks for sharing.

  38. If looking for a bit with lower fat, higher protein, and ethically sourced, check out Baruka nuts. Found out about these on the Rich Roll podcast.

  39. Not sure I buy this argument. There's all kinds of evidence pointing the other way. Coconut oil is even touted as a cancer fighter. Sends like he's got an agenda to push and an axe to grind.

  40. It s hard for me to believe that extra vergine olive oil is that bad. I m italian and actually own an olive mill. My mill is a 'cold mill" wich means it crushes the olives with stone , no heat envolved. It s litterally olive juice…. The REAL mediterranean diet was composed by fruit veggies , grains , legumes and extra vergine olive oil… (meat and fish were consumed extremely rarely…But i'm vegan anyway) . In europe italy is where the oldest and healthiest population lives.

  41. All I can say is that the more videos like this that I watch,the more my grocery bill reduces.My supermarket visits are taking less and less time….all those aisles that are now out of bounds.

  42. I can't really take animal experimental research seriously, considering that animal chemistry is not the same as with people.
    However, despite that, I still will continue with olive oil as I am losing weight with it.
    I'm not consuming tons of oil for that to even be a concern for me.

  43. These vegan doctors are starting to lose their credibility. I notice they're talking about oxalates a lot more now. It's become so pathetic that we need to check with them to see if we are actually hungry or not. (So called 'true hunger.')

  44. is this guy insane what is to be said of a Mediterranean diet and people in Italy or Greece who have been eating olive oil for so many years with very low low rates of chronic disease particularly cancer

  45. Will show my brother and others when all I here is how good olive oil is to cook with or even sprinkle on food. I use olive oil and coconut oil, but only for my hair! : ) Thanks for one of the most concise and to the point informative You tube channel.

  46. It appears to me eating isolated vegetable oil's promote cancer … if the oil is eaten in its original fruit state , in the olive or in the coconut… no problem….
    The western culture is Notorious for isolating foods and drugs for their potency but at the same time causing a severe imbalance in the body from these foods.
    Separating oil from the fruit is deadly, so it seems.

  47. I wonder how much this related to inflammation caused by the high omega 6 fatty acids in these oils? It is interesting that flax oil, which is high in omega 3 fatty acids, didn't seem to have the same issue?

    Thank you!

  48. All my grandparents are 90 years old they use olive oil every day no one of them has cancer and they eat meat too by the way

  49. What about extra vergin olive oil produced in the mechanical way not extracted with chemicals? It is practically oil squeezed from family grown olives. Or do they mean industrially produced olive oil?

  50. Thanks for posting! one question, though: the article is from 1979 and done on rats – also, coconut oil seems to reduce cancer growth by 90% (7 rats as apposed to 75 in low fat control group?) there seems to be a number missing – are there any more recent research results and on people?

  51. sis

    It is perhaps worth noting that the vegetable fat that was added to animal fat that increased tumor growth was coconut oil, which is high in saturated fat and that the vegetable oil exception that does NOT promote cancer is flax oil, which is low in saturated fat and high in omega 3s, and known to be anti-inflammatory (and it seems that inflammation tends to promote cancer by stimulating angiogenesis) see Dr. Gregor's video: https://nutritionfacts.org/video/cancer-as-an-autoimmune-disease/
    And flax oil omega 3s have been shown to reduce inflammation see for example Dr. Gregor's video:
    Therefor since a vegetable oil high in saturated fat was used as a control the carcinogenic effect cannot necessarily be extrapolated to all vegetable oils that are not high in saturated fat and especially flax oil which is high in omega 3s.

  52. What about the Mediterranean diet that includes, consumed high amount of Extra Virgin Olive oil because of its high antioxidants value.
    And they lived longer than the average person because of it.

  53. If I believed all the crap I heard from one extreme to the other, I would just stop eating completely. Just no more food. Problem solved.

  54. Great summary. Thank you! I know for a fact that Dr McDougall eats avocados sometimes, so you are a correct in saying that there is a distinction between avocados and canola oil for example

  55. So why do I feel like shit when eating minimal fat, but awesome when eating generous fat amounts including both saturated coconut and olive oil?

  56. Okay, so here it says that consuming vegetable oils is bad.
    Now, does that mean 'only' by the process of extraction is vegetable oil made dangerous?
    Or is the cooking of whole or crushed sunflower seeds, whole chia seeds, crushed rapeseeds, chopped nuts, etc equally dangerous?
    I'm getting a bit confused as to what is actually dangerous about them 'per se' because, according to this, I should be absolutely 'riddled' with tumours. Indeed, I should either be dead or I'm one big, walking tumour – considering I have been mixing sesame, walnut, olive, sunflower and coconut oils when both cooking and bread-making for the last 10 years or so. Obviously not all these oils at once, but usually combinations of 3 of them.

    So, can I cook nuts and seeds as per usual and why is this cancerous replicant of my former self so interested?

  57. Eating meat is bad…and evil.
    Beans and veggies are bad..pectins and pesticides
    Nuts will break your heart.
    Starches will cause inflammation.
    There's fluoride in water.
    Organic and Non-GMO only go so far. Monsanto puked everywhere
    ….I will now eat Air…oh wait…chemtrails!!!

  58. scare mongering. rats ate 15 to 25 percent diet while they exposed them to carcinogens to induce cancer mr mcdougal than concludes all animal fat causes cancer. who the hell eats 25 per cent butter or oil then exposes himself to ultraviolet light 24/7

  59. This is startling. Not only does fat clog up one's arteries, but it also increases the risk for cancer. Stay away form these fatty oils.

  60. Just as I thought…refined and extracted vegetable oils would be cancer promoting even on a vegan diet. A major reason why I have minimized my intake of highly processed foods and have focused on mainly whole plant based foods and unrefined tropical oils from sustainable sources.

  61. So what I'm wondering is if one consumes let's say two servings (2 TBS) per day of vegan 'butter' , in a daily diet of let's say 100 individual plant-based items, including spices such as cinnamon and turmeric, black pepper Ginger, etc, and 98% or 98 of those whole plant food servings are whole food plants, basically with whole grains, nuts, flax seeds, chia seeds, at least 10 to 15 fruits and vegetables, eating the rainbow, with beans, legumes, mushrooms, etc ….. Would the 98 other whole plant food items be at all protective, in the presence of these two tablespoons of refined fats?

  62. I'm Italian, I will never give up extra virgin olive oil. I buy mine in southern Italy, directly from the producer (with their own oil mill). The use of olive oil in the preparation of meals goes back to the ancient romans and greeks. I gave up animal meats, dairy and eggs more than 8 years ago and never turned back, but I can't give up olive oil…

  63. You nutritionist are literally mad in the head , all contradicting each other. No different than the politicians.

  64. More interesting to me is the "low fat control" at 2:16. Why did this control group have 75 tumors, comparable to tallow?

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