Women Eat A Beyoncé-Endorsed Diet For A Week

Women Eat A Beyoncé-Endorsed Diet For A Week

– Oh, wow, it looks like
a whole pile of mush. (upbeat music) My diet just consists of chicken, rice, vegetables, eggs and peanut butter. – During the week, I stick to a low sugar, low carb, high protein diet. On the weekends, I’m a little bit more lackadaisical with my diet. – My current diet is
a lot of meat protein. – I know nothing about Beyonce’s diet except that I think it’s vegan. – I’m worried this week
about not having meat protein while I’m still training. – I am a little bit nervous because I think vegan and vegetarian diets tend to be a bit higher in fats and carbs. – Of course I’m excited to try a diet. I bet there’s something magical in there. Anything to get me closer to Beyonce. (upbeat music) – We are the plant-based revolution. – French lentil stew. It’s completely brown. – Apricot cauliflower rice salad. Creamy eggplant lasagna. What happens if you don’t
like something in here? – Lunch day five. They’re like vacuum sealed. – It all seems very starch, carb heavy. I’ll just have to do a lot more cardio to make up for it this week. – Beyonce believes in it. I should at least give it a chance. (upbeat music) – Fairly filling but still pretty light. It doesn’t feel like I’m really
weighed down by the food. It definitely left me wanting
a little bit more though. I’m not gonna lie. – This one’s alright. I’m not a huge fan of curry flavors. We’re not off to a great start. It’s fine, I guess. – I just finished eating the first meal and it was actually pretty good. I thought it was gonna
be factory made feeling but it felt like it was cooked
fresh but then vacuum sealed. Really just wasn’t expecting
that kind of quality. (upbeat music) – That’s a really good point. Just finished my Beyonce meal. It was good. I ate the whole thing and
I feel pretty decently full but not too full so. (upbeat music) – It’s three o’clock and I’m starving. Three more hours to eat dinner. – These recipes are things that I kinda wish I knew how to make. The fancy vegan stuff. It’s cool to get to eat that every day. – This one’s the ratatouille. I’m enjoying this. (upbeat music) – It’s day four. It’s 12:30 in the morning and I’m having a lot of trouble sleeping. I don’t know if it’s because I’m hungry. – It’s really kinda convenient that I don’t have to think about what I’m gonna eat or prepare. (upbeat music) – I think I’m ready for it to be over so I can go back to my normal diet because I feel fine but I don’t feel good. – [Kelsey] I’m not gonna
lie, I’m really excited that tomorrow is the last day. – I gained a pound and I think it’s because
I’m not used to just eating a ton of carbs. – I’m not like super obsessed with meat so it was fine not having it. I struggled the most with being hungry. I think I’m used to eating more and I’m used to eating more often. – What was so nice was coming
home and having a meal done. I would just pull it out
and I knew it was healthy. I knew all of the ingredients. – I couldn’t do this forever. I’m tired and I’m hungry. That’s not a great feeling. – Not necessarily a diet for me but I definitely think it’s
a diet for other people. I think it was really healthy. It tasted pretty good. Honestly, I wasn’t ready for the jelly but I do feel a little
bit more bootylicious. I feel like everyone’s
gonna hate me for that one.

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  1. And my diet consists of vegan junk food around the world pizza burger French fries tacos Chipotle that's what I actually eat

  2. Lovely people of the comments, you need to learn that not all diets work for everyone. If these woman have been going carb free most of their life, eating carbs right away might cause weight gain. Also, carbs are NOT good for you. A meal of protein and veggies is ideal as that is how our ancestors ate. They did not have rice or corn or pasta (I'm talking about hunters and gatherers. They did not farm), but they had some meat and some fruits or vegetables. Now, as time went on, they started to grow their own fruits and veggies and wheat and even rice. This meant that depending on how close your DNA is to whatever part of history, a certain diet will do different things to you. Again, the ideal meal is protein and veggies. Very low carb. Thanks for reading. ☺

  3. Could has been feeling poorly because of a healing crisis. The meal calorie count was too low as well. That's why they all felt hungry.

  4. Oh no! They made the vegans and vegetarians mad!!!????? ?????? Chill boi let them eat however they want it's their body and we are different in body types and goals…..and all that ish….

  5. "higher in fat",ha far from it and the fats in vegan, plant based are healthy fats that are actually good for your body unlike animal fats

  6. "The fancy vegan stuff" solution: Pinterest.
    Also meat is not a good protein source do some research y'all. Also the blonde girl was hella sweet and nice ? get it girl but also maybeee educate yourself a little bit more..

  7. Hey to all you vegans out there, please feel free to feed yourself in whatever way makes you feel the best, but don't require others to do the same. If you're allowed to eat the way you want, others should have the same luxury. Everyone has different body goals and should be allowed to eat in a way that makes them feel good and achieve their goals. So please stop criticizing these ladies for giving their opinion on how this diet made them feel. Also, they were reviewing a product, not veganism. Just saying.

  8. Why’s everyone think Beyoncé is a God?? She’s just an average celebrity and I don’t get the hype around her at all.

  9. I don’t think beyonce eats thing I feel like celebrities have whatever they want as long as it’s healthy I think for other people they just make it like mush..

  10. U can't just be eating celeb diets and not following their workout and their lifestyle/activities!! Because saying their diet is too much to handle is wrong because diet coupled with their lifestyle is the correct way!!

  11. Wow…these woman are really…negative…I'd be so happy it I had a job like this or the opportunity to have…even…food given to me in this way…or food lol. I'd honestly be entirely grateful for the food period that would be so amazing if I was given this package.

  12. Hahah they kept on saying how everything was high carb but they were just eating beans and lentils, and that stuff is loaded with dietary fiber and then some rice. Like yo, you were only eating less that 30 carbs per every meal. Calm down.

  13. Love how they worry about protein on the diet when you get plenty of protein in a plant based died. And carbs?? More cardio?? Not needed. Carbs don't make you fat

  14. michelle: i gained a pound

    Me: ;-; michelle gurl i love u but….u legit sound like those white girls on their diets ( not tryna be racist )

  15. I doubt beyonce eats that ?? she endorsed it becuase she's paid to do so. Am I the only person who knows this?

  16. One thing that always upsets me about vegan/vegetarian diets is how highly packaged the food is. Look how mush plastic is on those meals! If you wanna save the environment, maybe find a better way to wrap food.

  17. Vegan diets tend to be higher in fats and carbs???????wholefoods carbs from veggies rice etc are great and higher in fats??? Uhm almond milk vs cows milk or beans vs meat ?she's misinformed

  18. None of those look appetising at all. I love my vegetables freshly cooked/prepared. The process of preparing meals and cooking itself is delightful, and it gives us moments to be in the present in this fast-moving era.

  19. Hey Vegans, Did you know that plants scream in a frequency we can’t hear when they are pulled from the ground or cut???

    Well now you do ?

  20. Honestly, eating things like veggies, high fat and protein things, those are actually really good, cause eating healthy fats rather than carbs will burn, and give you energy while burning fat and not taking away lean muscle.

  21. As a vegan of over a year I HATED this meal delivery. It was terrible and customer service was no help. Money wasted.

  22. Sometimes I think this Beyoncé endorsed diet just contains stuffs for being healthy and better metabolism but not for stamina and stuff more like those kind of ingredients and nutrients which we find in protein shakes and stuffs.

  23. Don't really appreciate the nonsense about vegan diets at the start haha. Props to Beyonce for moving to plant based!

  24. meat protein is the most disgusting thing to eat. It’s loaded with diseases and fat…. this girl who said it bc she workouts??? tf? there’s nothing to be good about, vegan alternatives are the best and of courses whole foods has carbs and fat bc that’s what your body NEEDS and WANTS

  25. Damn it! As a vegan you need bigger portion sizes! I’m 5’2, I’m currently in the process of weight loss and I eat more than that. No wonder they were hungry after 2 hours…

  26. I love how the food is all about “vegan”, “lactose free”, “non-GMO”, blabla but every single meal is packaged in plastic! I mean I don’t know if they recollect the packaging or something similar, but just seeing it like that makes absolutely no sense to me…

  27. I hate it when every single time people try a vegan diet for a day or a week they always say “Yea it’s a great diet for OTHER people but for me personally…” Urrrggg??

  28. It's amazing these horrifically unresearched, ignorant buzzfeed videos on veganism keep happening. I like buzzfeed. I don't like these.

  29. I’ve tried vegetarian and vegan diet before non of them work on me (probably I live in asia which is I don’t know what it has to do with it hahahahaha asia people eat carbs a lot) but then I switch to low carb and high protein, it works on me very well. I guess it’s true, different diet works different people. Welp… I have lost about 30 pounds now

  30. You dont have to make up for eating carbs…seriously this is the mindset i had when i was really deep into my eating disorder and that is totally not healthy

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