Hello, dear friends! Well, it is the program
“To Healthy – Helps a Lot” Today, I’ll present to you an extremely interesting
and mysterious product that we usually miss. We pass it without paying any attention to.
It’s a pumpkin! Pumpkin is a small
sun on our table! As I`ve said, nature is
16 million years old It picked out and selected
the best foods for us the foods, that
support our lives that give us strength,
give us energy that stimulate us to new
beginnings, stimulate our brain But, for some reason, people forget
about these natural medicines and apply synthetic drugs But this is a personal matter for everyone.
I think that such a word as “Alicament” is not new to you, you`ve
learned it, right? Alicament is a phytogenic
chemotherapy medicine Antiparasitic medicine I think you`ve memorized it.
A chemotherapeutic agent of wide spectrum of
action – is a pumpkin. It destroys tapeworms,
ascarids and many other worms If in a synergy with tansy
and other herbs, as I do it, See how many of them are here?!
It will be even more powerful, but today we are talking
about pumpkin sour cream. It’s delicious, isn’t it? Pumpkin
sour cream, pumpkin cream This is what will
replace a cow-… Cow-mash for us. Made of antibiotics
and dead animals Nature has given
us a sunny product That’ll kill 10
birds, believe me So, I took the pumpkin seeds I`ve grinded them in a mill.
Well, there are Chinese, Soviet, Russian mills, what you want.
It has 15`000 RPM! And got the powder! Now, I take the powder and
pour it into the blender. See? And just add a glass
of water in here A glass of water and there will be a thick sour cream.
If one and a half cups – we`ll get a half-cream A half-cream Now I set the blender. Well… Yes, and start the extraction The extraction will
take about 2 minutes That’s just what we need! About 2 minutes, get it?
It will be Super. We do not have time right now,
because you run to work, as usual So, I do everything very
quickly, it’s a kind of Indicative variant, you know? To show you that there is
such a wonderful drink Magnificent! Just magnificent, look!
What a lovely thing! Let me remove it, or there will be criticizing
people, who try to worm out, they need to dig deep You know? Look, it’s a cream! It`s How to say This is the pinnacle
of the paths of God In the diet. The Lord Himself came up with it.
It’s real natural cream, what a lovely thing! What a smell! They are fatty. It`s a
cream and a sour cream. Take a look! They destroy a huge number of
worms, but that’s not the point Our task is just nutrition, Just take a sip, sit a bit.
Get it? Take a sip and sit. This should be drunk within
15 minutes, slowly dissolving in the mouth It’s a pure protein! With micronutrients, as it
really should be! You know? We have 2 times more protein than
we need, so do not worry. If you are a vegetarian and do not eat protein
at all, then you have protein in excess 2 times more than you need.
And this causes cancer! And how did you think? So, for the
athletes it is a piece of gold For grandmothers, grandfathers
who are over their heads in worms, walk with sticks,
barely drag their feet They have tapeworms there For them it’s a gift. In small sips.
After that, you can not drink tea! You can not eat anything! Nothing at all!
This is a separate dish I drank 2 glasses of red currant juice
today, it destroys belly-worms. It`s tart! Tart! You know? It deafened them. Thn a
glass of lemon juice. It has beaten them up at all and dissolved
them in slime. Then I drank a glass of cream Gradually, in an hour and then
3 hours do not eat anything And so I was full and half a day I was
running around like a rocket flying Professor Yuldashev
25 years ago, told us He said: “Vitali, believe me. Take sunflower
seeds and take half a glass every day” Soak them in water,
they will get activated And every day for half a glass
and in half a year – you’ll fly Yes, I began flying. And not
only me, but my friends too Professor Yuldashev
is a clever man So, look! Using this, you`ll fly
like a rocket too It is absorbed quickly, it
acts like nitroglycerin It enters the blood vessels and begins
to supply them with special substances The tone reduces. It`s like a morning
exercise for vessels, you see For this, someone was awarded
the L-arginine Nobel Prize Here is L-arginine, which costs 200
dollars (a small box like this) Here we have 500 units This is the first medicine in the
world, which is the strongest of all In this respect. And I give it
to you for free, please, take it As much as you want! L-arginine,
here’s the sea of it! Take it, enjoy it! In small sips, small sips. You wanted BAAs?
Here is it, it’s a super-duper BAA Let`s pretend now, you will be given
a dietary supplement, a little A thing like this Well, you understand
what I want to say A small one like this and says:
“This is a health supplement!” It’s BAA, eat it! Well, you eat, and what`s next?
You`re dead, and this is alive, it’s breathing There are molecules here, you understand?
The molecules of this plant penetrate into our
body and create new tissues This is a meat! You want meat? Here is it, the
meat you want. It is the meat of all meats It`s a pumpkin meat! I admire this piece of art. It’s
the sun on our table. Pumpkin! It’s always No. 1 on my table. I always
eat pumpkin rubbed through with apples And then, I drink a glass
like this in an hour And fly up. I get energy Everyone thinks: “Where did Vitali
get such energy? He seems dead!” And I get up at 4, and go to bed
at 10, or even better – at 9 You know? And the whole day I work,
I have no feeling of fatigue I do not have a minute
free for meditations. They say to me: “Vitaly,
do you meditate?” What kind of meditation?
What do you talk about?! I’m not into it. I need to release two films, I need to write
a bunch of articles, to publish a book They say there came out my book. Awesome! I did
not see it, but the book is over there. Super! In a hard cover with a binding Some crazy book, okay This is a piece of art you will like.
I just wanted you to get a good gift.
And I think you did. I will have birthday on the
29th of August, 62 years I’ll be drinking
this drink all day. And vodka. That’s it!
And nothing else! And I won`t eat anything.
You know why? Tell you later! I wish you a good health and I think that
this drink will be useful to you in life See you next time!

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  1. Do you know about L-Arginine? Pumpkin seeds are full of it. Greyish skin that covers the seeds is a KILLER of all worms in the body. Don't ignore this information, arm yourself with it and use it.

  2. Спасибо Виталий! Теперь я точно должен буду выучить английский ))

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