Would You Eat This $15 Fried Chicken? ft. Justina Valentine | Basic to Bougie Season 2 | MTV

Would You Eat This $15 Fried Chicken? ft. Justina Valentine | Basic to Bougie Season 2 | MTV

– Rolling, rolling. – Intro it in, Tim. – What’s up y’all? Welcome back to another
super delicious episode of Basic to Bougie. (snaps) I’m Timothy DeLaGhetto. – I’m Darren “Big Baby” Brand, and this is Justina Valentine! – Hey y’all! I’m sorry, I thought this
was like the beach edition, is this okay?
– No, we said we needed “that bitch” edition. – You feel me? I’m gonna need to be that bitch and be on the beach, whatever you need. – [Timothy] Basic to Bougie. We gonna try three different
versions of one food, determine which is the cheapest, and which is the most expensive. – [Darren] Don, Donathan! – Donathan!
– Donathan! – Donathan is dope. Can we change it mid-season? – We changed Daquan’s
name like eight times. – Yeah.
– Donathan, you my boy, you black today. – [Justina] This actually
feels like a breast! – It feels like a hand actually. – Yeah, that’s my hand. – Oh.
– Yep. – I know what this is! It’s chicken, y’all. – [Timothy] Yay! – A chicken breast, how appropriate. – [Darren] Chicken! (choir music plays) (sniffles)
(sighs) – Let it out, let it out. – ‘Cause, man, we been
eatin’ caviar and (bleep). Man, goat milk ice cream. – But you loved the goat milk ice cream. – Don’t tell nobody that. Finally we got something
that I just, I can’t. ♪ Ahhh ahhh ahhh ♪ – Okay, that was (bleep) up. – Let’s get it. – Okay everybody, grab a breast. – Girl, you better stop playing with us. – You talking about the chicken. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – It’s 2018!
– I don’t like the legs. – [Timothy] I’m tryna grab
this crispy (bleep) over here. Let’s all crunch at the same time. – Shh!
– Okay, ready? (chewing loudly) – I know who this is.
– I know who this is. – I think I know who it is too. – Schmopeye’s
– Popeye’s. – [Timothy] I’m going
with Schmopsmeye’s, bro. – [Darren] Pot lies. – Yeah, that one. This is great. – This is good. I’m solid. I’ma save this one for later ’cause I know I’m gonna like it. – Now, let’s see what these
other two hittin’ for. What’s this guy? – [Darren] I don’t know. – This smell like, could
have some Asian spices to it? – Ah, this have a little
Chinese food to it. – [Justina] Yeah, let’s do it. (crunching) – Mmmmm. – This is good. This from the Chinese
spot down the street. – [Darren] I really hate the fact that I love chicken this much. – Everybody love chicken though. – This is really good. – This might be some Korean Fried Chicken. – Yeah, this is definitely
from the Chinese food– – Korean, (bleep)! – Sorry. – [Darren] Gimme that wing. That wing look solid. – [Justina] Look at
the juice on the plate. – [Timothy] That’s honey. – That is honey. – This looks kinda like it might be spicy. There’s some spice on there. – [Justina] This actually
my least favorite. – [Darren] Yeah, this not good at all. I mean it’s good. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good chicken. – [Justina] Yeah, it’s not bad. – But its not the best outta these. – You know what it is? It’s doing a little too much. – It’s a lot goin on.
It’s a lot of flavors. – [Timothy] With all the extra seasonings. – [Darren] Yeah. – It taste like honey, curry, cinnamon, a lot of things going on. – You taste all that? – I mean, I don’t know
what I taste, but yeah, it almost taste like adobo maybe. Don Vito, is there some ay adobo? Si. Okay. Ay adobo. – Stop cheating. – What do you mean? We got a little relationship
goin’ on, Darren’s mad. Don’t worry about it though. – I’ma jump back on one
of these while we decide. – Yeah, you read my mind, by the way. – [Darren] What y’all thinking? – This was my favorite,
as far as taste goes. Kinda plain, then little confusing one – That’s tough because I
love Schmopeye’s, right? – [Darren] (laughing) Right. But, is the Korean chicken more expensive than Schmoss-smye’s? – I think the Korean’s more
expensive than Schmopeye’s. Going fast food, then comes the Korean, then comes the confusing one. – (belches) Whooooo. Deepest, middle-est expensive. I would hate to be the black guy who gets this chicken (bleep) wrong. Don, are you ready? Oh (bleep), oh man, I’m nervous. – [Don] I’ll give it to you. – ♪ Oh my God. ♪ – ♪ Oh my God. ♪ – ♪ Oh my God. ♪ – ♪ Bless this chicken. ♪ (laughing) – Here we go. Ohhhh. You know, when it hits your spirit, then you know something’s for you. – Oh man. – Because number one, spicy
fast food, Louisiana seasoning, Schmopeye’s – [Timothy] Schmopeye’s – [Darren] $3.75.
– Yessir. – Alright, so we’re good so far. – [Darren] Korean fried
chicken, $8, that’s middle. And last, fried— that’s why that (bleep)
nasty, it’s organic. Who the (bleep) wants organic chicken? – That doesn’t make sense. – How do even fry organic? Y’all gotta stop this (bleep), okay! Don’t mess up chicken, guys. Can we at least keep chicken? (bleep) We got it right. – Well, hey, go team.
– We got it right. – Of course you did. You got your boy on your team. I’ma get chicken right. – [Timothy] We gotta deal with the bougie. Blindfolds on. – [Darren] Blindfolds on. – [Justina] Don Vito! – Hold on, hold on, hold on. Did she get to the point
where she callin’ Don? – [Justina] Yeah. – Wow. Someone got real
comfy in her new territory, like they do. (laughing) – Christopher Columbus was Italian. I’m embarrassed of that (bleep). – It’s a bowl of something. – You said it’s Ebola? – I said it’s a bowl. – Oh, it’s cold. – Ice cream! – We already did ice cream though. It’s probably like, is it sherbet. – [Justina] Oh, it’s sorbet. – [Timothy] Oh, sorbet. – Ohhh (laughing) sorbet. (classical music) – I bet you can’t do this, I bet you can’t do this with your tongue. Only Don Vito knows how to do this. – Oh, with the triple? He can’t do that. – See, look at you, stereotypes. – He’s Dominican. I’m Italian. – Alright, where we
going, you wanna go red? – [Justina] Yeah. – [Timothy] Sorbet, what is this, what is this, like raspberry? – [Justina] I like it. (smacking lips) – It’s a texture thing. – Raspberry. – It’s very tart. – Yeah. – [Justina] Raspberry. – Yeah, raspberry sorbet. – I’m on to the pink. – Yeah, I’m down. – (laughing) Just jumped on to the pink? – [Timothy] Okay, this one’s a little– – Ooh, this has alcohol in it. – Mmmm. – Oh yeah, Yeah, you right. – It does! – I’m tipsy already, I’m not gonna lie. – I feel like this is
a frozen wine cooler. The ones your older
women in the family drink when they want to get
into family functions. – Yeah, but they not
trying to get too turnt. – Yeah, just something
while they play cards. – That’s not bad. – [Timothy] I’m not mad at any of it. – It’s okay. – Alright, on to the yellow? – [Darren] Yellow not really my thing. What’s the flavor of yellow? – Might be mango. Actually, it is. Definitely mango. – Tim got a reaction. Tim got a reaction. Hold on, hold on. Trust him, Trust him. – Is this durian? It’s like the nastiest fruit. – Oh it tastes like a dead body, right? – [Timothy] It tastes like
a dead body with a smell. – [Justina] That’s what I’m
eating on the challenge. – It’s a delicacy in like, Thailand, and like China, and (bleep). My mom used to eat this
(bleep) growing up. It’s gross, dog, by itself. This is aight. – You don’t taste mango in that? – I taste a little bit of mango ’cause durian kinda taste like mango. It tastes like mango,
but you know, rotten. – Yeah, like it’s been
on the plant too long. – You ever notice if you eat ice cream or something frozen like this
from the back of the spoon, it tastes better, try it. – [Timothy] You say what? – Who told you that? – It tastes different. – [Darren] Does she really got us eating off a spoon backwards? Did you fall for that (bleep)? You do it? – Yes, I did. I’m trying to figure out— – Try it. – No, that’s something you made up. – No, ’cause it feels
cooler on your tongue too. ‘Cause now your tongues
going over the hump instead of in the hump. – Wait. Now you got me trippin’ cause
it does taste different. – The air is the difference. – [Timothy] Alright, let’s
figure out which is the cheapest, which is the most expensive. – The one with the alcohol
definitely is the most expensive. – The fact that y’all
stayed there for two minutes trying to get ice cream
on the back of a spoon. – Because it was messin’ with me, man. I low-key feel like the
durian’s the most expensive because it’s— Did you just do it off
the back of the spoon? Is it better? – Yes, it tastes better, right? It tastes different. – Now, look, I hate the durian. This is gonna prove it. – Yeah. – It tastes worse to me
on the back of the spoon. – I can’t do it. No.
– No? – I think the durian or
the auntie wine cooler is the most expensive. – My vote is durian just
because durian’s a really, it’s a hard-to-come-by fruit nowadays. It’s like it’s getting more expensive. – I’m trusting you on the durian. – [Timothy] Trust me on the durian. Durian’s most expensive,
the wine cooler’s second. – I’ll go with you. – Everybody’s agreeing? – [Timothy And Darren] Don! (laughing) – My boy! (screams) – Don Juan! (speaks Spanish) (record scratches) – It’s on you, Tim. – Y’all ready for this? – I mean, I hate when we’re wrong. – I was all the way wrong. (buzzes) – I said it was mango. – [Timothy] I was completely wrong. – Durian is the champion? – It’s not even durian. It’s just mango. – Mango like I said. – Yeah, and I was wrong. Generic mango sorbet, cheapest. – Bruh, and Justina is right. – Raspberry sorbet, second. Small batch of Frose’ sorbet, $15 a pint, rose, watermelon, and strawberry. – Now don’t you feel silly? – This is your fault, this is your fault. We were fine, this is your fault. You do all this talkin’ – She might have tricked me– – My mama watches this – with her back of the spoon (bleep). – We got fans now! You came in with the mango. – Yeah. Because the back of the
spoon told me it was mango. – Right, right. So, we had, but here he comes with this deep-ass explanation– – And you believed me! – How he travels the world, and he drops all this fake news knowledge, but “you know, they don’t
have durians no more.” And then we go with this (bleep). – But here’s the thing, it had
a lot of cultural integrity ’cause his mom ate it growing up, so I’m like alright. – Yeah, that’s like— – I don’t wanna disrespect no one’s mom. – Tim’s been places,
maybe it is durian sorbet. Yo, what’s crazy, bro, when
it comes to any bougie, just shut the (bleep) up. (laughing) – (burping) Sorry. (belching) – It still tastes like durian to me. (belching) – Justina! (laughing)

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  1. justina be telling the truth fr from the back of the spoon it takes better πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ¦πŸ¨πŸ—πŸ—

  2. The thing is while watching i was eating ice cream and i tried the back of the spoon and it does taste different

    You right justina you right about the back of the spoon

  3. Thailand, MALAYSIA, south east asia practically TIMOTHY…plus durain is like one of the most healthiest things one can eat

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